Academic Staff

The right choice of staff is one of the key pillars of success of University of Information Technology and Management in Rzeszow.

Although modern information technologies and infrastructure are important, it is people who have the biggest impact on the level of teaching. Only the best ones can create their own study programmes, thanks to which our students gain knowledge and practical skills in professions desired by the labour market. Only these lecturers can create environment which encourages students to study hard and constantly strive for development. More and more well-known and outstanding figures from the world of science join our university.

Ulrich Desel, PhD. Eng.

Prof. Waldemar Karwowski, PhD. Eng.

Prof. Piotr Kłodkowski, PhD.

Prof. Stefan Markowski, PhD.

Prof. Helmut Wachowiak, PhD.


Apart from the above presented well-known scientist and lecturers, our staff make up young talented and engaged employees. We follow the idea of project and research groups which gather around “masters”. The teams are supported by the most talented students, too.

Thanks to this, a unique atmosphere which sparks a lot of creativity is built; in consequence numerous international projects and many undertakings for the benefit of Podkarpackie region are carried out.

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