Our Campuses

UITM has 2 Campuses, one in Rzeszow and one in Kielnarowa.

The Campus in Rzeszów, as well as having lecture rooms and administrative offices, has many specialised IT and Language Laboratories, a professional TV and Radio Recording Studio,  Read & Relax Room, the IQ Academic Club with exhibition space and stage.

The Campus in Kielnarowa is located in beautiful greenery on the outskirts of Rzeszow city.  It was built in 2011, partly funded by the European Union as a “Development of Eastern Poland” Project. It has several buildings on site, the main parts of the complex  – The Centre for International Education and The Centre for Tourism and Recreation are open for all students and visitors.

Education and Research in Kielnarowa

One of the most interesting innovations available in this Centre is our state-of-the-art 3D Cave in the Laboratory of Virtual Reality and Image Processing. In order to use the cave, one has to wear 3D glasses. The user sees a 3D image generated by computers, which creates virtual reality inside the cave.

Another spectacle is the Financial Laboratory that simulates the stock exchange and financial trading workplace. The laboratory is one of the first initiatives in Central- Eastern Europe. The lab is equipped with 24 computer terminals, each with two screens.

Modern Medical Laboratories are also located at this Campus. The Laboratory of Tissue and Cell Culture, the Laboratory of Immunology and Biochemistry, the Laboratory of Toxicology and Medical Genetics, the Laboratory of Molecular Biology and also the Laboratory of Cosmetic Chemistry. We give as much priority to high-quality research as we do to high-quality teaching.

The Centre is also armed with back-up videoconference and interpreting audio systems, air-conditioned lecture rooms as well as multimedia devices. There is access for disabled students and staff and all laboratories have tools for the visually impaired, such as monitors and Braille printers.


Sport, relaxing and functions in Kielnarowa

This is a place where our sport orientated students can train and participate in many academic sporting competitions in disciplines like Basketball, Volleyball, Cross-country running and Table Tennis to name just a few. We have a large indoor and outdoor sports hall with viewing areas, a gym, sauna, physiotherapy rooms, rope park, paintball area and much more. We have a lot to offer for those students who are looking for an active lifestyle.

There is also a hotel with a capacity for 60 guests with function and conference rooms as well as a restaurant with a BBQ area, a dance floor and stage where companies from all over this region and abroad can organise events such as conferences, training sessions and private parties like weddings and birthdays.

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