Our People

University Governance and Senior Officers

Prof. Tadeusz Pomianek, Ph.D., D. Sci., Assoc. Prof.

President and Co-founder of UITM 

‘For many years, UITM has been implementing a long-term strategy of sustainable development. The skillful combination of UITM’s scientific and didactic activity with business, is exactly the reason for our diversification of revenue sources. Today, the University’s activities (non-related to teaching) make up over 50% of the total revenue, which makes UITM a one of its kind establishment. A large share of revenue is actually not related to teaching at all but results from our employees’ intense engagement in science and their focus on the economy.

Our university is the result of a true partnership, each employee, student, graduate, and business partner make their impact on UITM together. Our University does not only represent a modern infrastructure, a prestigious institution, awards, honors, or good placement in national and global rankings. What is most important is that we are people full of passion, commitment and with the belief that what we do has an impactful purpose.’

Wergiliusz Gołąbek, Ph.D.


‘Young people entering adulthood have many dreams. Some want to live in London or in Hongkong and work for an International Company. Others want to find a challenging job in their home country or set up their own business or develop innovative technologies. One thing they all have in common is the right to own a dream and with passion and hard work, they have the ability to make it come true.  UITM helps all these vibrant young people with transforming an ambitious plan into an attainable reality.’

Andrzej Rozmus, Ph.D., Assoc. Prof.

Vice–Rector for Teaching

‘Choosing a university is not only choosing the right educational path, but it is also a way of life. It is a decision that affects our personal and professional life. UITM has created a platform for comprehensive development for students, lecturers and researchers. Openness, tolerance, promotion of creative and civic duties, innovation and business responsibility – these are some of the values ​​on which the strength of UITM has been built.

In recent years, our University has obtained a very large portion of our funds from external sources (mainly from grants financed by the European Union), to improve our teaching process with didactic innovations, practical solution simulating and new training modules. Our students from around the world are the recipients of these modern solutions. Learning, improving practical skills or preparing to enter the labour market are not the only points of activity at the University. Having fun, establishing strong relationships, developing passions and interests is also an important part of student life. UITM offers a well-equipped IQ Academic Club, profiled student media, a whole palette of university research, extracurricular clubs, a Student Government and much more.

Modern employers expect employee candidates to be versatile, active and committed. UITM has been shaping its teaching principals to ensure our students leave the university fit and prepared for this competitive job market.

Prof. Agata Jurkowska-Gomułka, Ph.D., Assoc. Prof.

Vice–Rector for Science

‘UITM is not just a place for studying, it is a place for your professional and personal development. Students are offered many opportunities to get involved in, fascinating research activities and collaboration with academic faculties.

UITM gives the impetus to enhance students’ knowledge, skills and horizons. Together we work through the vast spectrum of science and its challenges in management, economics, cosmetology, information technologies and many more. We support the students in their efforts to get research grants and scholarships – students’ successes are celebrated by the whole academic community and highly commended by faculty members. Studying at UITM will be the greatest time of your life!’

Izabela Cichocka, Ph.D

Director of the Centre for International Studies

‘Our university’s greatest asset, which has always been present in its development, is the ability to flexibly adapt curricular to the needs of the student and the changing socio-economic environment in the world. We educate practically and we are preparing young people from all over the world for their future. Our staff are open to cooperation with students and we welcome through our doors lecturers from all over the world. Every idea and initiative is very important to us. Cultural diversity isn’t just an idea, it is our priority. We are a University that has been educating students in English for many years, and the number of foreign students is growing rapidly every year. We are a leader in southeastern Poland, in terms of internationalization and diversity. Our strength is also demonstrated by the achievements of our graduates, who create valued staff in many Polish and International Companies.’

Magdalena Louis

Presidential Representative for International Collaboration

‘It takes a lot of courage and character to leave behind everything you know and love and travel across the globe in search of an education. We understand, that this is one of the biggest challenges young people face and we are doing everything we can to make it not only possible but also memorable. From the moment of the first contact with our University, until the Graduation ceremony, we are offering support and help in every step of the way. Your journey starts here and there is a lot of satisfaction and a great reward for all of us at the university to see our International Students taking UITM diplomas back to their home countries and succeeding in getting their dream job.’

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