Chair of Political and Administration Studies

Researchers in the Chair of Political and Administration Studies focus on decision-making processes in selected public policies (e.g. immigration policy, public health policy, financial policy, industrial policy) at the national, EU and global levels, as well as on challenges for democratic systems in the 21st century. Currently, projects and publications in the Chair focus on scientific advice to decision-makers and public administration.

The Chair has been involved in scientific review and implementation of the concept of socially responsible public administration (part of the global trend of corporate social responsibility, as defined in ISO 260000 and other documents). For over 4 years, the Chair has co-organized conferences on the social responsibility of public administration. Some of the conference proceedings were issued in a monograph titled „Social responsibility of public administration – theoretical and practical perspective”, edited by prof. Agata Jurkowska-Gomułka and co-published by the UITM and the Polish Social Insurance Institution (ZUS).

Researchers from the Chair have been actively involved in projects of the European Group of Public Administration (EGPA). The most recent result of this cooperation is a monograph on administrative silence that presents e.g. empirical insights into the problem of administrative silence in Poland and the Podkarpacie region.


Scientific research projects:

Semi-workers and semi-competitors? The interplay of competition and labour law in times of “platformisation”
Project Partner: Universidade Católica Portuguesa, Porto Faculty of Law
Project Manager: Agata Jurkowska-Gomułka, Assoc. Prof., Ph.D.
The research project focuses on the legal problems arising from the dual status of people working for electronic platforms (such as e.g. Uber). Such people formally have a self-employed (entrepreneur) status, while in reality their activity brings them closer to the status of entrepreneurs. The project provides a scientific reflection on that double status of people employed by electronic platforms and assumes its translation into proposals for legislative and jurisprudence solutions at the European and national level.
Implementation period: 2022–2024
Financing: Joint research projects of Poland and Portugal (NAWA – Fundação para a Ciência e a Tecnologia)

Scientific and research projects financed of the Ministry:

Social responsibility of public administration at the regional and local level
Project Manager: Agata Jurkowska-Gomułka , Assoc. Prof., Ph.D.
The aim of the project it to evaluate implementation of the notion of social responsibility of public administration (governmental and local government level) in the Podkarpackie voivodeship through:
a) Identification of reception degree of social responsibility notion of public administration at governmentally administered institutions and local government bodies;
b) Identification of actual activities in the field of administration’s social responsibility taken by administrative institutions (2018-2020).
Implementation period: 2021-2022

“Strategically autonomous” European Union in a world of multipolar chaos.
Project Manager: Sylwia K. Mazur, Ph.D
Research will be divided into three parts, each of which will be rooted in the context of global challenges (climate change, pandemic effects, hybrid threats, lack of necessary regulation of tech giants). First area will be dedicated to Transatlantic relations. Second, to impact that European Union can exert through a multilateral system. Third will Focus on EU neighborhood policy.
Implementation period: 2021-2022

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