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The Institute of Education Analyses is a research and development unit which analyses the condition of higher education in Poland and globally. The research interests of the employees of the Institute focus on the role of knowledge in the modern world, the relationship between science and the labor market, the government’s role in creating the market of educational services, research on the image and identity of Polish universities, internationalization of science and higher education, and cultural mobility of Polish academics.


Scientific and research projects financed from external sources:

Culturally Mobile Academics? The Experience of Upward Mobility in a Narrative Perspective
Project Manager: Kamil Łuczaj, Ph.D.
The study is focused on the narratives of the upward mobility of scholars employed by Polish universities. The main aim of the study is to analyse the professional career paths of working-class individuals who succeeded in becoming university professors and assistant professors. The central research question is how the culture of origin (family, early socialization) and culture of destination (shaped by current social circles) affects the practices one is involved in, the goods one consumes, or the cultural values one believes in.
Duration: 1.06.2019–30.06.2022
Financing: Sonata Programme of the National Science Centre (SONATA 15) (2019/35/D/HS6/00169)

International scientists in Poland: motivations, careers and scientific potential
Project Manager: Kamil Łuczaj, Ph.D.
The aim of the project was to examine the cultural and institutional practices of scientists from abroad who live and work in Poland. The research was meant to explain the relationships between migrational biographies and the ethnic and family practices of highly qualified specialists against the development of institutional scientific life in Poland.
Duration: 22.12.2017–21.12.2019
Financing: Dialog Programme of the Ministry of Science and Higher Education (0142/DLG/2017/10)

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