A graduate of master’s degree studies in Economics.

HR Coordinator at Deloitte CE Business Services Sp. z.o.o.
Choose to be optimistic – it feels better – Dalai Lama
“I always wanted to be… a teacher. I think my mum inspired me to follow her footsteps, so for my bachelor studies, I couldn’t choose anything else but English Philology with German, as well as American Studies at Jagiellonian University.
Life, however, quickly verified my choices and I gave up being an English teacher in one of the Cracow English schools for young children when I got my first “serious” job in the Customer Service Department. At the time, one of my responsibilities was recruiting employees in the department in which I worked.
The next step, let’s admit an unaware one, which led me towards Human Resources, was postgraduate studies in the field of Economics at UITM. I remember I was attending lectures concerning Human Resources Management with remarkable passion. 
By a sheer coincidence, during one of the Geek Girls Carrots Rzeszów meetings, I received an invitation to a job interview for the HR Department in the PGS Software S.A. Company. Luckily I received a job and that’s how my path in Human Resources recruiting programmers, testers, and graphic designers began.
As time went by, however, I yearned to broaden my knowledge in Human Resources Management and I missed using English at work. In the right place at the right time, a job offer appeared in Deloitte. The vision of cofounding the Deloitte CE Business Services Centre in Rzeszow and enormous development opportunities tempted me to such an extent, that I have been working there since February 2016. 
Generally speaking, I am a hopeless optimist – the glass is always half full! My immense passion is working with people – the big and the little ones. That is why I spend every free moment on photographing the youngest and on travelling.”