A graduate of undergraduate studies in the field of Sociology (specialization: customs clearance) and Economics (specialization: Aviation Management); a graduate of postgraduate studies in Management and Command from the Academy of National Defense in Warsaw.

She was an assistant at the Institute of Higher Education at UITM. Currently, she is a Junior Specialist at Polskie Płatności S.A.
“Starting from 1st year of undergraduate studies in Aviation Management, I began my adventure with UITM. AvM, which is a unique specialization, meets the demand for aviation management specialists. I had a pleasure to meet well-known professionals and practitioners from this branch of industry. The UITM gave me a wide range of opportunities to develop my knowledge and skills. The studies were held entirely in English, so I improved my English and learned how to cooperate in a multicultural environment – which is the key advantage nowadays. What is more, I met a lot of interesting people from around the world.
Thanks to the Deutsche Lufthansa patronage programme, I completed an internship at one of the largest airlines in Europe. It was a very valuable experience to me, since I had a chance to put theory into practice. Moreover, I was an intern at TÜV NORD Poland in the Accreditation Department, thanks to which I acquired practical knowledge and experience.
During my last year of studies, I was offered a job at the Institute of Higher Education at UITM, which I accepted happily. My duties are related to projects and analysis of trends in higher education, as well as organization and coordination of educational courses organized by the Rzeszow Inspiration Academy. Apart from that, I develop my managerial skills as a Project Manager of e-WSIiZ Courses – the university open resources platform. What is more, I coordinate the Aviation Management Club – students organization meant for those who are interested in a broad spectrum of trends, changes and operations in the aviation industry”.