A graduate of undergraduate and postgraduate studies in the field of Economics.

„I started my own business – Saważ Wnętrza – during my studies at the University of Information Technology and Management in Rzeszów. All problems which came up then were solved with support and knowledge of lecturers, who I had a pleasure to meet during those few years of study. 

Nowadays, Saważ Wnętrza operates without my intense engagement. It deals, in principle, with complex interior design: from projects to furnishing. We are continually developing in order to meet the increasing requirements of our clients. One of our biggest projects was the library of the University of Rzeszow.

Another important aspect of my life is Drzewo Życia – a charity organisation which deals with eating disorders among teenagers and adults., which I am the co-founder and the chairwoman of. Apart from its educational activity, Drzewo Życia helps people who suffer from eating disorders in the Therapeutic Centre in Malawa. So far, over 100 people from Poland and other countries received treatment there.”