UITM graduate of undergraduate and postgraduate studies in the field of Economics

Ex-President of Karpaty Krosno Football Club
Members of the Karpaty Krosno Board appointed Joanna Frydrych the president of the sports club. Two other people were chosen for the post of vice-president, namely  Bartłomiej Barnat and Michał Bharat. Zdzislaw Rec was appointed the secretary of the Board, and other members of the Board were Krzysztof Topolski, Peter Decowski-Germany, Pauł Uliasz, and Andrew Majchrowicz.
For the first time in the history of  Karpaty Krosno sports club a woman was appointed the president. A few years after Izabella Łukomska-Pyzalska was appointed the president of Warta Poznan, Joanna Frydrych is the second woman in Poland to occupy this post.
Joanna Frydrych is a qualified economist, a graduate of the University of Information Technology and Management in the Faculty of Economics, specialization: Finance, Banking and Insurance. She completed postgraduate studies in the Faculty of Law at the University of Rzeszów, majoring in European Studies with specialization in Public Administration and Local Government; Vice-President of the District Board of the Civic Platform (Platforma Obywatelska) party in Krosno, and the Podkarpackie Region Board Member of the Civic Platform.
She has been working for the Social Insurance Institution since 1997, and she is currently the Deputy Director of the Department of Revenue in Jasło. Since November 2010, Joanna has been the Counillor of the District Council in Krosno, the President of the Committee of the District Development and Promotion in Krosno, and the Member of the Committee of Education, Culture, Sports and Tourism in Krosno; a member of the Social Council of the Municipal Independent Social Health Care Organization in Miejsce Piastowe. Joanna Frydrych is the initiator, co-founder and the President of the Department of the South-Eastern Polish Association of Social Insurance.
Source: www.neon.info.pl