A graduate of Bachelor degree studies in Aviation Management

She works for an analytical team in the Human Resources department for British Airways. She worked as the Pilot Recruitment Assistant in WizzAir


– My stepfather told me about the possibility of studying in English in the program that interested me. Rzeszów, as well as the entire Podkarpacie,  is the centre of aviation, everyone knows it, but I had considered other options, for example, a school in Dęblin. In the end, I chose UITM in Rzeszów and it was a very good decision.

I come from an aviation family. My dad was a pilot, my stepfather too. I took the license myself when I was 16 years old. Aviation has always been a part of my life, I have not considered another option than to go in this direction. In the beginning, I wanted to become a pilot, but later I found that the economic side of aviation is my calling, and flying can wait.

Thanks to the university, I did internships in Lufthansa in Warsaw, among others. I went to Montreal to the International Air Transport Association. Here at UITM I also had the opportunity to obtain Certificates that are honoured around the world, such as ArcPort. There is a wonderfully stocked library when I wrote a diploma thesis in Cracow at the Jagiellonian University, I was thinking about those specialist books available to you, they would have been very helpful. In general, Aviation Management subjects are appropriately selected, unnecessary knowledge is not forced into a students head. To this day, I use the notes I took during my studies.