International Management, Bachelor degree.


„On August 4, 2014 I started my internship in “Watcom Group” – the Russian company as a marketing analyst. There were 5 people in my department: Head of Marketing, PR manager, market research specialist and me.

On the first day, I got acquainted with the regulations of the company and work schedule, signed the necessary documents and was introduced to all the staff of the company. From the beginning of my internship I had a fully organized workspace and clearly defined tasks. Every day the head of marketing department (my supervisor), gave me a short training about each product and services in the company. At the same time, I got acquainted with knowledge base that included all documents created and organized during the life of the company.

The first project that I performed was the organization of a conference for dealers. This project was organized under the patronage of the head dealer area. My duties included organizing the meeting of dealers, preparing a brochure, training plan, etc. This particular project allowed me to get fully acquainted with the way the company is managed and learn more about each product.

Later, my tasks included monitoring competitors and customers’ reasons for abandoning our company, conducting the”Quality of service” research, ordering Christmas gifts and various promotional materials, conducting the research “Market Share of the Company in Moscow, St. Petersburg and other Regions”, promoting corporate social networking pages, testing and designing new equipment. It should be noted that all my duties were related to my position and closely intertwined with the knowledge acquired during my studies. The opportunity to use theoretical information in practice and the successful performance of my duties allowed me to get the job. Also, my fluency in English was highly valued by the company, as I negotiated contracts with foreign companies, such as Switzerland, Portugal and Germany. In addition, the exchange program ‘Erasmus’ and the ability to speak German, which language I acquired during my mobility for study, helped me while negotiating with Germans.

At present, my position is head of the “Sales Collection System” project. I work in another department, namely Data Consulting, which sells a variety of analytical products and consulting services. I have 3 people under my leadership. My responsibilities include not only marketing and sales but also managing the entire department. Getting a new position immediately after my graduation and after only 3 months in the company, is a great achievement of mine and a big step in career.”