A graduate of undergraduate and postgraduate studies in the field of Journalism and Social Communication.

Currently works for Aberit – an interactive agency holding a position of a Marketing and PR specialist.  Among her responsibilities are: social media, marketing (for Aberit and the company’s customers), as well as an online shop with exclusive cosmetics.

“It took me quite a few years to get to the place where I am now. When I was studying, I already knew that the Internet was the thing I wanted to focus on in the future. That’s why I chose Interactive Marketing specialization for my master’s degree studies. When I was doing my undergraduate studies, however, I devoted my free time to free-of-charge internships in companies in Rzeszow. Thanks to this, I got experience and skills and I got to know a lot of specialists in this trade. I also started my own activity in social media by setting up a fan page of my shop, as well as, by being a freelancer and copywriter. Each text prepared by me enriched my portfolio. I also had a chance for development in Szafa.pl – the Polish internet service, which was a breakthrough in my career. Then, I decided to move on, I changed my job, which I don’t regret. 

While studying at UITM I not only acquired knowledge, but also many skills on internships. To my mind, finishing studies is not enough when one wants to get a job. I also believe, that UITM is a HEI comfortable to study at and with good facilities.

My life motto is:  Have good intentions and work hard. I hope students realise that good grades are not enough and without hard work they won’t get a good job.”