Graduate of undergraduate study in the field of Economics. Specialisation: Aviation Management.

Analyst and Planner w Lotnisko Chopina (Chopin Airport)- Aeronautical Services/ Network Development

Marcin was awarded a prestigious European Prize in Aviation Management and Economics for a part of his bachelor’s thesis. He received it at the International Aviation Conference in Cranfield, Great Britain. “It is very important for me, for it is a prize awarded by the best theoreticians and practitioners of aviation”, Marcin commented. “If a person of such level has decided that I distinguish myself, I can only enjoy it, for it is quite a big and pleasant achievement and the summarizing of my studies”.
The European Prize in Aviation Management is awarded to young scientists by the members of the Scientific Committee of the European Aviation Conference. The UITM graduate was announced the winner in a common category for bachelors and masters. The prize in the form of books was sponsored by the German Aviation Research Society (G.A.R.S.) and Ashgate Publishing.
“I showed the relationship between cheap airlines and secondary airports in Europe”, Marcin said. He wrote his thesis under the supervision of Dr. David Warnock-Smith at Huddersfield University, where he could study under the programme “Double Degree” offered by the University of Information Technology and Management. It gave him the possibility to receive two diplomas at both UITM and Huddersfield University. “If it hadn’t been for UITM, I would not have gone abroad”, states Marcin. “Thanks to studying at the University of Information Technology and Management and the accessibility of international programmes and mobilities, I found myself in a good place at a good time.” Marcin adds, that due to this he was able to gain knowledge and experience in different academic centres of the world, which undoubtedly contributed to his success.
Marcin currently works at John Paul II Krakow-Balice International Airport in the department for terminal services, holding the so-called “need help” job position. His post combines two different roles: for the passenger, it’s a source of information and for the co-ordinator of terminal services it’s ‘eyes and hands”,     
“Together with other colleagues, we make sure that the flow of passengers is efficient, smooth and well-organised. Since the airport is being developed now, and what is more, there are a few huge events ahead of us, such as the World Youth Day, Routes Europe, European Championships in Hand Ball, the work is not monotonous” – says the graduate. 
Each year the airport in Krakow organises traineeships for students which Marcin recommends to younger students of UITM. 
 “Aviation had been of my interest earlier, but I really got interested in it thanks to lectures of dr Desel – one of the experts who I met during my study at UITM. It was him who showed me how interesting civil aviation could be and the one who motivated me to study at a partner university abroad” – says Marcin.
What are the advantages of UITM according to the graduate?
“I definitely appreciate the opportunity to study abroad. It wouldn’t be possible if it hadn’t been for the International Relations Department’s involvement. Besides, I have fond memories of a few lecturers from Rzeszow with whom I’m still in touch” – Marcin comments.