UITM graduate of Bachelor’s degree studies in Informatics


“Entrepreneurship fits me like a glove. It seems that I had always had some interests in it, was brave enough to think differently and take some difficult decisions. This wider view of the world and open eyes kept business opportunities open for me. 
I started my first business-related activity at the age of 16 when I got involved in computer graphics. Back then I started to publish firefighters’ calendars in co-operation with printing houses. Now my internet shop http://strazackie.pl offers not only printing services but also gadgets, clothes and equipment for firefighters. 
At the age of 19, I officially opened my first company. At the same time, I started weekend studies at the Faculty of Informatics at the University of Information Technology and Management. I was afraid that I wouldn’t manage to work and study at the same time, but higher education was very important to me. UITM proved to be a perfect university for me, where I could study and develop my passion at the same time.
Running a company gave me an opportunity to co-operate with a Polish start-up and interactive agency where I was in charge of managing some projects. During my studies, I had a lot of subjects connected with project management in IT which appealed to me and let me systematize my knowledge. In the meantime, I carried out my own projects. This way, I acquired a lot of experience in informatics, marketing, project management and business conduction. In May 2016 I opened a new firm – the Brand Active Sp. z o.o. (http://brandactive.pl)  which offered e-commerce. Later on I opened a new online shop www.lookinterior.pl  which became not only an additional financial source but also a place of testing marketing solutions and IT tools. A year later, I opened the same shop in Germany https://lookinterior.de and by doing so I started expansion on foreign markets. Last year my company served about 150 business clients and about 1000 individual clients. At present, my internet-shops and services are run by great managers whom I fully trust. I focus on developing further e-services and web projects.
During my studies, I met many people similar to me, with whom I often initiated business cooperation. I believe that UITM, apart from education and development, can offer a diverse and ambitious community. I believe that the exchange of contacts at university is beneficial to everyone.”