A graduate of undergraduate and postgraduate studies in the field of Economics.


“Two years ago I couldn’t imagine myself in a place where I am now. Everything started eight years ago when I became interested in the exchange market. A desire to earn money turned quickly into a fascination with the market operations. A new hobby had an impact on my decision to change the field of study from Mechanics and Machine Design to Economics. By focusing on economic and business matters I found myself surrounded by people who inspired me to start business projects. 

During the following two years, I took part in several meetings with private investors, where I had a chance to present my projects. Those presentations taught me a lot about expectations business has in relation to projects. Besides the stock market investment I was also fond of the new technologies, IT and issues of artificial intelligence. This led me to develop the final shape of my flagship project named aITrader. The idea of the project was to offer a unique tool that would be new to investors. My idea was to create a website that would enable everyone to use their own robot i.e. a specialized programme, which would be able to teach everybody the style and strategy of investment and later polish it and make automatic. 

Since it all happened in the 2007-2013 EU financial perspective, I tried to get funds from the Operational Programme Innovative Economy,  which took me almost a year. Finally, my company NOVA AI SOLUTIONS sp. z o.o. [Ltd.]  was awarded a grant-aid for the project aITrader. The value of the project, which was implemented by my company was about 700 000 PLN worth.  I also started working with a private investor, who was interested in my proficiency and business initiatives.

Nowadays I hold the position of the chairman of the NOVA AI SOLUTIONS company,  which carries out the aITrader project. I also hold the position of the chairman of the VEHILI GROUP sp. z o.o. sp. k [Ltd.] which is owned by my investor.  Furthermore, I am also the owner of a web portal www.tylkosprzedam.pl, which is the largest virtual market intermediary in selling vehicles. As a part of my business activity, I take part in several other projects primarily related to the Internet industry. “