A graduate of Master’s degree studies in the field of Information Technology. Currently works for the Cisco Global Support Centre – Krakow branch, Poland.
“I’ve always been interested in Computer networks, that’s why I decided to commence my bachelor studies in this field. After graduation, I was still developing my knowledge and started looking for universities which offered Cisco-related courses. This way I found out about Cisco Academies, which are run at different universities around the world. One of my friends suggested Poland to me, whereas the other one – of Polish nationality – told me a lot about the country. This way I found myself at UITM in Rzeszow.
On my graduation from master studies, I started working as an engineer at the Cisco Global Support Centre in Poland. I found the job offer on the Cisco website. During the recruitment process, I had to go through a few stages, namely telephone, online and face-to-face interviews conducted by HR staff.
My duties at the Centre are related to customers’ service; I have a chance to use practical knowledge which I acquired in lab classes during which network simulators were used. I also have contact with people of different cultures and the environment. Here, the Erasmus mobility programme bore fruit, thanks to which I completed an internship abroad and gained international and multicultural experience. The UITM Career Centre gave me a helping hand finding an interesting offer.
Generally speaking, I must admit that all University staff were helpful and friendly; they helped me look for a job, prepare for interviews and informed me about the Polish law.”