A graduate of master studies in Economics.
“Thanks to the “Win an Internship” competition, which I got to know about during Career Days, I won an internship at Microsoft. At present I’m a member of a young and friendly Education Team at Microsoft, which is a part of Public Sector Department. My career path began with a case study, which was chosen as one of the best and thanks to which I was invited to an interview, which took place in 3 stages: the first one – auto presentation, the second – case study outcome presentation, the third – an interview. The following week I got to know that I was in Top 10 and this way I was qualified for the apprenticeship.
The first thing which struck me when I started working for Microsoft was an incredibly warm and friendly atmosphere. All staff members were very helpful, energetic and friendly. My main duty at Microsoft was to prepare and individual project – a sales plan for a product of IT Academy, whose target was educational market. The task involved a number of duties, such as preparing a sales strategy, marketing materials, educational materials for the product’s website, and customers service.
The competition and the apprenticeship was a great chance for me to gain a valuable experience and get to know about different business-related topics, as well as to learn about management mechanisms of international companies. I believe that the experience will be very helpful to me regardless of the place where I ‘ll find myself in the future: a corporation, a small company or my own business. I also believe, that the fact that I took part in the competition and was qualified for the apprenticeship in such corporation, will help me find an attractive and satisfying job quickly.
The “Win an Internship” competition is a great opportunity for all students who want to start their career in well-known Polish and international companies.
Why don’t you take part in the competition?”