A UITM graduate with a Bachelor’s degree in Economics, specialization Aviation Management, and a Master’s degree in Tourism and Recreation. Currently – a research assistant at UITM.

“I started my ‘journey’ with the University of Information Technology and Management back in 2007 when I began my Bachelor’s degree studies in the faculty of Tourism and Recreation with two specializations: Hotel & Restaurant Management and Customer Service. Having graduated from my undergraduate studies along with completing an internship in a restaurant and travel agency, I started to look for more opportunities to improve my education. That is why, in 2010 I decided to commence Master’s degree studies in Tourism and Recreation as well as Aviation Management – a new prestigious major conducted in cooperation with Lufthansa Airlines. Aviation Management taught entirely in English, opened a fascinating world of air travelling and aviation industry to me. During my studies, I learned managerial skills of prime importance to people who work at the airport. It was a challenging, but also a rewarding stage of my life. Our classes were taught by well-know and experienced professionals from the aviation industry.
Being aware of the fact that the contemporary job market requires multicultural experience, I decided to take part in the Erasmus mobility programme for students. I received a scholarship for one semester at Erzincan University based in Turkey. It was a very valuable experience in my life. Apart from studying Aviation Management there, I was a teacher at an English language school. Both studying and teaching helped me to meet a lot of interesting people and understand that communication doesn’t only require knowledge of a common language, but also a will to explore other cultures and openness to other people. 
On my return to Poland, I completed an internship at Lufthansa – one of the best airlines in Europe. I had a chance to see how the airline industry works from the inside. It was a valuable and enjoyable experience. I also completed an internship at TUV Nord Poland, where I learned the basics of marketing research.
During my 3rd year of Aviation Management bachelor’s study, I started an internship at UITM during which I was offered the position of a Research Assistant. Now, I am conducting research on different topics, collaborating with well-known and honoured scholars from our university and abroad, acquiring knowledge and planning to proceed with my PhD. My first research article will be published in an international scientific journal in the near future. I am honoured to work in the place where I learned so much, not only theory but also practical skills.”