A graduate of the University of Information Technology and Management (UITM). He has a Bachelor’s degree in Economics (specialization: Aviation Management) and European Studies, and a Master’s degree in Economics.

Emirates Airlines

“I have studied for six years at the University of Information Technology and Management, and it was a very successful time for me. During my studies, each year I received an academic scholarship and I participated in the TOP20 ranking. What is more, I took part in aviation-related internships in the Jasionka Airport in Rzeszow and in a company cooperating with Star Alliance in Warsaw (the capital of Poland).
I started as a student of European Studies. In my third year, I decided to study two specialities – in a full-time mode and in the extramural one. During the last semester, I learnt that UITM would open a new, exclusive major, called Aviation Management. It was the first such major in Poland and one of few in Europe. I decided to apply because aviation was and is my passion. English language certificate at B2 level (according to CEF) was required, which I did not have. I worked hard for the next two months because I had to finish my Bachelor thesis, prepare for exams and learn English.
After graduating from European Studies, I commenced full-time studies simultaneously at two majors: Aviation Management (Bachelor’s level) and Economics (Master’s level). Over the next two years, my life focused only on studies and books. Then I decided to participate in the ERASMUS programme and I was accepted to a partner university – IUBH in Bad Honnef, Germany.
After graduation, I received an offer of a four-month internship in one of three top-ranked hotels in China.
As I discovered later, several major airline companies rent rooms for its staff in that hotel. Customers include Emirates, Qatar, Lufthansa, Saudia, ANA and Thai. I had many opportunities to establish new contacts and learn a lot about the internal work organization of airlines as well as current trends in aviation.
At first, I was a Management Trainee in the Food & Beverage department. Later, I was moved to the Front Office. I worked for a few months in the hotel bar and restaurants, where I learnt internal processes and management. After that experience, I worked in the lobby as a Guest Relations Officer. My main duty was to welcome the hotel guests and make them comfortable from the moment they entered the hotel. I met many interesting people and heard interesting stories about their lives and successes. I was also the “face” of the hotel while promoting it in Hong Kong.
The most important experience for me was learning about the Chinese management system and their communication style between departments and managers. It was so different from the Western style of management. I think that that sort of practical knowledge is priceless.”