A UITM graduate of bachelor degree studies in Economics with specialisation in Aviation Management.

“Bingo Airways is a Polish charter airline which flies mainly from Poland to countries in the Mediterranean region and to some countries in North Africa.

The first step in getting a job as a flight attendant was to take part in the recruitment process. The ability to speak English was the basic requirement. I’m sure the knowledge of aviation industry, which I gained while studying Aviation Management, helped me to get the job in Bingo Airways.  

The recruitment process consisted of several stages: in the first one I was asked to present myself. The next task was to demonstrate my English skills in a few role plays, e.g. I was asked to show reaction to situations that might happen during the flight. The team work ability was evaluated in the third stage and the final task was to hold a conversation with the committee.

Following that, I had to take some medical tests, such as the lung capacity one . When I finally got the job, I had to take part in a four-week course which was primarily meant to broaden my knowledge on flight safety and appropriate behaviour in emergency situations. After finishing the course I had to pass a theoretical test and the introductory flight.

While working as a flight attendant, I was flying according to the schedule, which on average, was 60 hours per month. It happened from time to time that the flight ,e.g. to Tel Aviv was at 4 a.m. or at 12 a.m. During flights I took care of passengers. This job wasn’t the easiest one, mainly because of short breaks in between the flights. After all, I would still like to work in airlines. Thanks to Bingo Airways, I visited a lot of places , i.a. Lisbon in Portugal or Djerba – the Tunisian island.“