A graduate of undergraduate studies in the field of Economics (specialization: Aviation Management). 

Aviation has been my life passion since one stunning day in 1998 when me and my family flew to Greece on holiday. My dad took me to the cockpit of the Boeing 737 of LOT Polish Airlines and it was the moment when I made a decision about my future life. 

My real adventure in aviation began in 2006 when I started a glider training course and after three years I received a Private Pilot License in single engine airplanes. 

Having graduated from middle and high bilingual school with International Baccalaureate Diploma I wanted to continue my education in English, preferably in fields related to economics or finance, in order to get solid backup to my aviation career.

In 2010 I learnt about UITM, which was about to start up a new course in Aviation Management in English language, and I instantly knew this could be a good idea to study there. So, I decided to do so; I was in the first group of students who undertook the course and graduated in 2013 with a Bachelor’s degree.  

As for my current occupation, I’m a cadet pilot at the Oxford Aviation Academy in Oxford undertaking the “APP First Officer” course, which is Integrated  into ATPL training which  leads to obtaining a frozen Airline Transport Pilot License. In order to secure a place in OAA, I had to take an assessment consisting of maths, physics, numerical, coordination and other computer-based tests, psychometric test, individual interview, group interview, as well as  a simulator assessment test. 

To complete the training, cadet pilots need to go through 6 months of ground training and pass all the theoretical exams, approximately 12 months of flight training. In addition, we need to complete the ‘flight safety’ and ‘first officer fundamentals’ training as well as fulfill some other university requirements for the BSc Degree in Airline Transport Management.

Studies at UITM definitely made the training and hitherto assessment easier. The most valuable experience, without a doubt, was studying in English as well as carrying out numerous group projects which improved my skills as a team leader and team player, both of which are crucial for airline pilots. Another valuable element of the Aviation Management course was having classes with Polish and international lecturers who had, in comparison to lecturers from other universities, hands-on experience in aviation industry not only theoretical knowledge.