A graduate of bachelor and master degree studies in the field of Information Technology.

“At present, I’m working as a Director of Marketing Department for Ideo Ltd. – an interactive agency.  At first I was responsible for the most arduous and monotonous work, but later on when I got the experience I have scheduled some more ambitious work.
After a few months, I convinced my superiors to open up a new department in the company which would be focused on search engine positioning. And this is how I became a manager of the one-person department. In the beginning, I dealt with positioning on my own; it included marketing, offer preparation and so on. Our offer was perfectly aimed at the time, when search engine promotion was becoming more and more popular and there weren’t too many companies which offered these kind of services at the time. We managed to get a dozen or so key customers, who we have been cooperating with so far. At the moment there are over 300 customers who we provide service for.
Apart from this, I also work as a lecturer and trainer. At present, I’m teaching Promotion in Browsers, E-PR, E-marketing, Usability and Findability at i.a. Leon Koźmiński Academy in Warsaw, Tischner European University, University of Information Technology and Management in Rzeszow.
I also wrote a few books. Personally, I’m most proud of “E-marketing – a Managers’ Digest.” I was also a co-writer of “A Lexicon of Public Relations”  and “ Research and Effect Measurement in PR”.