As for undergraduate studies, the decision is taken on the basis of completeness of all required documents and meeting the deadlines. In relation to the second-cycle studies (master’s degree), applicants will be additionally reviewed in terms of their bachelor’s studies final results and other related documents. Therefore, it is necessary to submit copies of all required documents to International Office as soon as possible.

First of all, you have to fill-in the application form and submit all required documents listed on our website (Application Documents).

You have to send copies of all required documents by email in PDF or JPG file at io@wsiz.rzeszow.pl. You are also obliged to submit all original documents to International Office upon arriving to Poland.

You are obliged to write a personal statement in which you will let us know more about yourself, your life experiences and your personal qualities, so that we have a clearer idea of your personal and intellectual development.

You should also explain why you’d wish to commence a given course at our University and how you would wish to put the knowledge in practice afterwards.

You may also add some other relevant information, e.g.: Membership of Professional Organizations, Scholarships/Prizes/Awards, etc., which might be an advantage in the application process.

The health certificate issued by a medicine doctor must include a clause saying that you are in good health condition and capable of commencing studies. The certificate can be issued either in English or Polish language.

Yes, foreigners for whom English is not the first language and for whom English was not the language of instruction in previous education (e.g. secondary school) must provide a Certificate of English language proficiency. You can check our English language requirements on this page. 

Current tuition fees and other costs can be found on our website (Tuition Fees).

Please note: the fees do not cover accommodation.

The University guarantees to provide accommodation for new full-time undergraduate and postgraduate students in first year of study at UITM.

No, we do not offer any part-time undergraduate or postgraduate courses for international students.

Yes, you will. If your application for a student’s visa has been denied, the tuition fee which you paid in advance will be refunded.

Please note: application fee is not refundable.

There is a possibility of obtaining a scholarship but not earlier than after the first semester. It depends on a student’s GPA and the total number of students applying for the same scholarship.

More information about scholarships can be found here.

There are two semesters in one academic year in Poland.

The winter semester starts on 1st October, the summer semester starts at the end of February.

The cost of living including accommodation in a dormitory, public transport, food and some entertainment ranges from EUR 200-300 per month.

Unfortunately no. In order to obtain a student’s visa you will need to submit an Acceptance Letter issued by our University, to the Embassy. The University of Information Technology and Management requires submitting a confirmation of tuition fee payment before we issue the Acceptance Letter.

To be considered for a transfer admission, you need to have completed at least one year of study by the time you plan to enroll in UITM. In general, the procedure is the same for all international students.

The UITM dean may give permission for your transfer to a higher semester, after fulfilling the following:

  • You should receive a written permission from a Dean at your university for the transfer in which it should be stated that you have completed all formalities and are not in arrears nor any liabilities,
  • You should receive all documents from the university (originals) regarding your course of studies and grades: “Discontinuation Certificate” / “Transfer Certificate”/ No Objective Certificate translated into English or Polish language. There are no fixed forms for these documents.

Yes, we do. The recruitment process for summer semester starts November 10th and finishes on 18th of February.

Further details on the admission procedure can be found on our website.

You can also contact International Office at: io@wsiz.rzeszow.pl

The deadline for submitting application documents for winter semester is 30th September, for summer semester is 18th of February.

We run the Buddy Programme for international students. Every 1st year student gets a Buddy who will help you adapt quickly to new conditions.

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