Health Insurance

Every foreign student is obliged to purchase health insurance. EU/EEA citizens should possess the European Health Insurance Card (EHIC).

For Non-EU/EEA students it is highly recommended to sign a health insurance agreement with the Polish National Health Fund or with a private medical centre. There are no exceptions to this rule in accordance with the ordinance of the Ministry of Science and Higher Education of October 12, 2006, Art.1, Point 2, Section 3, on foreigners undertaking or continuing studies and participating in scientific research and training.

Voluntary (private) Health Insurance with the National Health Fund (NFZ)

Dealing with Formalities – a Step-by-Step Instruction 

Necessary documents:

  • Passport
  • ID card
  • Certificate from the Dean’s Office

What should I do to sign a contract with the National Health Fund?

Step 1: Prepare the necessary documents,

Step 2: Visit NFZ in Rzeszow which is situated on 8 Zamkowa Street (ul. Zamkowa 8),

Step 3: Sign 2 copies of contract with NFZ. Do not forget to take the ZUS ZZA form and NFZ cash payment form with you to pay for the premium,

Step 4: Make a cash payment of PLN 46.80 at the post office (transfer fee – PLN 10) or a bank transfer,

Step 5: Visit ZUS branch in Rzeszow situated on ul. Piłsudskiego 12. Do not forget to take the confirmation of the premium fee payment  (keep the original copy), register for insurance by submitting the ZUS ZZA from and fill in DRA – declaration confirming the payment of the premium (to be completed on the spot in the ZUS branch),

Step 6: Once you get the acknowledgement of ZZA receipt,  go back to the National Health Fund to sign the contract.

A Set of Documents Required for Signing the Agreement with NFZ:

  • An application for NFZ voluntary health insurance
  • Complementary documents:
    • Passport
    • Student’s ID card
    • Cerificate from the Dean’s Office
  • Confirmation of the premium fee payment (receipt)
  • Filled-in ZUS ZZA form – Health insurance application (ZUS ZZA form)
  • Filled -in ZUS DRA from – declaration of contribution payment  (ZUS DRA form)

Follow- up Procedures; What should I do when I sign the agreement with NFZ?

The premium must be paid till 15th day of each month (PLN 46.80). You can do it either by bank transfer or postal transfer. Each time you pay the premium you need to complete a DRA form.

Internships/Work vs. Voluntary NHZ Insurance

Please note that any internship or work undertaken by a student must be reported to the National Health Fund.

Insurance Resignation

If you are planning to go on holiday for the duration of 2-3 months and you do not wish to pay premiums, please remember to:

  • Submit a written resignation (a few-sentence justification, with the date of resignation from the insurance agreement) to the NFZ Branch in Podkapackie province,
  • Deregister for the insurance in ZUS by filling in the ZUS ZWUA ZUS ZWUA and ZUS ZWPA forms.


Foreigners who are voluntarily insured, yet do not possess PESEL number (Personal Identification Number) DO NOT enter into the eWUŚ system (Electronic Verification of Beneficiaries’ Eligibility). Therefore, they must bring documents confirming that they are insured for the appointment at the doctor’s.

The insurance documents are: the original contract with NFZ + proof of payment for the last month

Please Note: in case of emergency, assistance must be granted, even if a patient is not eligible for free healthcare, i.e. does not possess formal confirmation. In this case the patient will be charged for all costs.

PESEL – the Universal Electronic System of Population Registration, is guaranteed for foreigners who stay in Poland on the basis of:

  • acquisition of permanent residence permit  by a national of a Member State of the European Union, Iceland, Liechtenstein, Norway and Switzerland,
  • acquisition of permanent residence permit by a family member of the above mentioned persons,
  • granting a permanent residence permit,
  • granting a permission for long-term resident of the European Union
  • obtaining refugee status (including members of their families),
  • obtaining subsidiary protection (including members of their families),
  • obtaining asylum,
  • obtaining consent for a tolerated stay,
  • obtaining temporary protection,
  • obtaining permission to stay due to humanitarian reasons.

Private Insurance – Students Union Offer

Gothaer – Health Insurance for Foreign Students

Gothaer offers health insurance to foreign students, yet it only covers accidents, e.g. a broken leg. The cost is PLN 641 with treatment covering up to 30,000 Euro.

If you would like to buy this insurance, please visit the Students Union (room RA 52, Sucharskiego St.  in Rzeszów). We are open every Friday from 11 a.m. – 13 p.m. till the end of November. Don’t forget your passport, student card and cash. Once you buy the insurance, your treatment in hospital is fully covered .The only thing you need to do is to inform the hospital about your insurance.

University Units – Student Care System:

  • The “Buddy” Programme

Senior-year students – the so-called “Buddies” – help first-year students during their adaptation process. The buddies’ tasks include helping younger peers in completing formalities related to insurance, legalisation of their stay in the Republic of Poland, opening bank accounts, as well as informing them about duties at the university and helping to solve problems related to the process of studying. During the academic year, buddies write reports on the basis of which the process of adaptation is assessed and the most common problems are analysed.

  • “Adaptation Clinic”

The university runs counselling within which students are welcome to discuss any topic of their interest.  The “clinic” is open every Thursday from 10.00 to 12.00; Room RA5.

Polish Culture Meetings

An additional activity aimed at facilitating the adaptation process for students from the East is organized periodically, in cooperation with the KN New Media “Polish Culture Meetings”. During such an event  foreigners are acquainted with the culture and customs of Poland. On the one hand, this type of meeting gives the opportunity to show foreign students cultural differences, on the other hand, it indicates similarities that may facilitate their adaptation process.

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