Preparing to arrive

Pack your suitcase and remember these essential items: 

  1. Passport with a valid Polish Visa
  2. Documents – MUST BE ORIGINAL –  required during the recruitment process.
  3. Electronics/chargers/convertors
  4. Appropriate clothes for the time of year – Most students wear casual clothes on campus: jeans, t-shirts, shirts, sweaters, blouses, and sneakers. However, you may also want to pack more formal clothes, as well as any traditional cultural clothing for special events. We haven’t experienced extreme winters in the last 10 years, however, temperatures in Poland can drop below zero degrees during winter months so it’s important that you are prepared for this. (November-March).
  5. Cash – Have at least 200 Euro. You will need this to pay taxi fares and buy food and other essentials when you first arrive before you are able to set up a bank account.

Arriving to Poland …

If you fly to the capital – Warsaw, you will have several options to make your way to Rzeszow where our University is located.

  • Internal flight – it takes about 40 minutes and costs around 100 Euro.
  • Bus – it takes about 5 hours and cost around 20 Euro

If you fly to Krakow, you could take a bus or a train to Rzeszow – it takes about 2 hours and costs around 20 Euro.

Arriving to Rzeszow… 

Our student support program is called “Buddy” and was set up to help new students settle down and find their way around the town and campuses. You will be contacted by your assigned buddy (a fellow student) BEFORE you arrive to Poland and they will handover all the information you need about the university and our town to help you get started on your journey. Your Buddy will pick you up in Rzeszow and take you to the dormitory and university building and provide you with practical help from the moment you arrive in town, so don’t worry for a second, we plan to support you every step of the way and we promise you’ll be in good hands.

Accommodation options

You will be allocated a shared room in a dormitory building situated near the town centre.

The monthly cost of this accommodation is around 100 Euro. The university will confirm your room as soon as you let us know this is the option you have chosen

Rzeszow is a student city, where every third person on the street is a university student, so our city is well equipped for student needs! There are plenty of private rental options, depending on your budget, you could rent a room in an apartment or house. Prices vary from 150 – 250 Euro monthly.

Transport in the city

Most of our students use public transport around the city (buses) and if you have a valid student ID card, you will be entitled to claim a discounted bus tickets at the cost of about 45 Euro per semester (from October till February).

We have a free University shuttle Bus that transports students between Campuses (Rzeszow-Kielnarowa) several times a day.

Orientation Week

Before you start your studies, you will have a chance to learn about our history, culture, legal requirements and academic code of practice (academic etiquette) during orientation week.

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