International projects for our students

Project Title: ”UITM: Knowledge – Internships – Information- Employment”  – the EU funded project

Project Duration: 01.09.2010 – 31.03.2015 
Project Coordinator:  Aleksandra Michorowska:
Tel. No. +48 17- 866- 1461
Project description and possibilities for students:
The project allows UITM students and graduates to take part in counselling sessions with a career adviser or a psychologist, as well as to participate in free of charge trainings related to a job market and other disciplines. Thanks to the project students and graduates have an opportunity to complete an internship in domestic companies as well as aviation-related internships in Poland and abroad.
The aim of the project is to enhance students’ potential of development as well as to prepare students and graduates to enter a job market successfully. 
“Over a month ago I started my internship at the International Airport in Rzeszow. I chose this place  because it gave me a chance to observe a day-to-day operations at the airport, in particular, operations related to aircraft ground handling. At my work I am responsible for ramp operations carried with ground support equipment. I had a chance to learn about aircraft ground handling procedures and safety policies at the airside of Rzeszow airport, as well as the operational and economical aspects of a ground handling company.”
Aleksander Terech – a UITM graduate in the field of Aviation Management and the project beneficiary
“Within the scope of the project entitled: ”UITM: Knowledge – Internships – Information- Employment” there has been prepared a complex offer for UITM students and graduates with the aim of preparing them for a better start on the contemporary job market.  The project is aimed at graduates, students in their last year of bachelor studies, as well as students during their master degree studies. They have a chance to verify their knowledge by taking part in 3-month internships in companies in Poland and abroad. The disabled can also be beneficiaries of the project.“
Aleksandra Michorowska, MA – Project Coordinator

Project Title: Europe 2020. Take Up the Challenge

Project Duration: 01.01.2013 – 31.12.2015
Project Coordinator: Monika Dąbrowska:
Tel. No. (+48) 17 -866-12-90
Bartosz Pomianek:
Project description and possibilities for students:
The aim of the project is to adjust the UITM didactic offer to the needs of market and economy based on knowledge, as well as to enhance cooperation between UITM and employers.
Thanks to the project students have an opportunity to complete an internship in domestic and foreign companies, as well as to take part in additional business workshops.
What is more, students of Logistics field of study have a chance to:
1)    Take the European Junior Logistics exam
2)    Take part in the “Simulation and Optimisation of Container Terminal” course
3)    Take part in the GS1 Global Office certifying course
4)    Take part in the Flexsism workshop
5)    Take part in compensatory English classes 
Students of Logistics in Transport have an opportunity to:
1)    Earn the following certificates:
a)    Microsoft
b)    Cisco
c)    Oracle
d)    Novell
2)    Take part in compensatory English classes 
For more information about the project please go

“The project gives a great chance for students’ development and makes it easier for our graduates to find a job, thanks to their completion of domestic and international internships. Students who benefit from the project have a chance to earn a lot of professional development certificates, which are required by employers. What is more, throughout the academic year we organise workshops on business, which are led by practitioners. The main purpose of all activities that we undertake for our students, is to give them a chance to start their own business based on knowledge acquired during their studies”.

Wojciech Pitura – Student Internships Coordinator in the Europe 2020 project



Project Title:  Erasmus – Internships

Project Duration: 2014 – 2020
Project Coordinator: Maryla Rarus:
Career Office
Tel. No. (+48) 17 866-13-18

Project description and possibilities for students: 
The programme gives a chance to acquire vocational experience in interesting places in Europe and to get to know about exotic cultures. The training can be completed in many foreign institutions, i.a. entrepreneurships, companies, scientific-research institutions, non-profit organisations, museums, libraries and hospitals.
The aim of the programme is to enhance students’ activity in gaining vocational experience as well as to encourage students to take part in mobility and vocational training abroad. Other aims include:
•    to enlarge chances of getting a job on a global job market as well as in Poland
•    development of vocational and career networks
•    to gain professional skills and self-confidence
•    to gain professional experience as well as to get to know organisational culture of foreign companies
•    to improve foreign language skills
•    to get to know a foreign culture 
For more information please go to:

‘I’ve decided to take part in this internship programme due to a chance of gaining international professional experience, improving my language skills, and getting to know a new culture. I chose Spain as the place of my internship, mainly because of its culture and language.
A company in which I completed my internship dealt with online marketing. My training lasted for 3 months during which I got to know different methods of running marketing campaigns in social media, making use of the Internet and social-network portals for the purpose of marketing. I also helped in conducting marketing research.
To sum it up, taking part in the programme was incredibly valuable experience to me, both in terms of gaining vocational skills and discovering a new culture. Completing such a training can help us find a new job, improve our language skills and discover different cultures. I definitely recommend the programme to all students”.

Katarzyna Rolek – a UITM student

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