COVID-19 advice and guidance for students

COVID-19 Guidance for UITM Students.

Constantly changing epidemiological situation impose new challenges on our University. However, in the face of new restrictions UITM continues to work without major disruptions.

In accordance with the Polish Government latest regulations universities have the right to carry out practical classes in a traditional way. Therefore, in order to maintain quality of education, our University we will conduct practical classes and laboratories in face-to-face mode with the highest hygiene regime.

NEW INFORMATION for candidates of Programming or International Business Management

Summer Semester begins on April 20th 2021, in Online mode.

However, if you are able to come to Poland, we encourage you to do so. You can continue your online classes whilst in Rzeszow and use university facilities – library and sport centre. Moreover, you will have time to socialize, meet new people, get to know our city and culture.

The restrictions, including the limitations concerning the entry of foreigners into Poland and quarantine, still apply at the external border of the EU, however students are exempt from quarantine after crossing the Polish border. More information of government website.


NEW INFORMATION for candidates of Nursing.

Summer Semester begins on April 20th 2021, with practical classes starting in May 2021.

All candidates need to make their way to Poland by May 15th 2021 in order to attend classes in labs.

The restrictions, including the limitations concerning the entry of foreigners into Poland and quarantine, still apply at the external border of the EU, however students are exempt from quarantine after crossing the Polish border. More information of government website.



In the next semester of 2020/2021 academic year we will be offering you hybrid model of learning. Thanks to that solution we will provide you excellent student experience, respecting hygiene regime and social distancing at the same time. You will receive a mix of face-to-face teaching and online teaching. We are monitoring situation very closely and once the government guidance allows us, some restrictions will be lifted. Hybrid model of learning is dedicated especially for 1st year students, so please check your schedule for any updates.

We have been using very modern Blackboard Platform for online teaching for many years. Our students can reach various learning materials using notebooks or smartphones. You will be able to participate in online classes conducted by professors. Moreover, you can work on projects and interact with other students using advanced collaboration tools for text, voice and video communication.
We use CISCO Webex to conduct online classes. Even if some student is not able to take part in the lecture, he or she may open it later, thanks to the fact is was recorded.

If your visa process or travel arrangements are delayed, you can start your course online while still in your country and join the group once you arrive.

Currently most classes are conducted online. First semester for new students that will join us in summer term will also be online except Nursing.



Campus in Rzeszow and Kielnarowa is open from September 2020 in limited capacity with safety measures such as mask wearing, frequent use of sanitizers and social distancing.

  • Dean’s Office. All members of the staff are back in the office working full time, however we recommend to avoid unnecessary visits to the office. Please contact us by e-mail or telephone.  If you must come in person, please make an appointment before you arrive.
  • Lecture rooms.Students will be required to wear masks in the classrooms. Increased cleaning regimes will be in place, you will be required to use sanitizer before you enter the classroom.
    Plastic shields will be installed at the lecturers desks. The lecturer has the right to ask you to leave the class if are not wearing a mask.
  • Library– Open. Restrictions apply.
  • Read & Relax Room– Closed
  • IQ Club– Open. Restrictions apply.
  • Lunch Bar– Open- Opening hours 9.00 till 13.00
  • “Taberna pod sosnami”in Kielnarowa- closed
  • Mini shop on the Campus in Kielnarowa-opening hours 9.00 till 13.00
  • Vendor machines– In use. (Apart from snacks and beverages you can also buy a face mask)



Do not leave home if you or anyone in your household has COVID-19 symptoms!

We all have different levels of concern around Covid-19, but whatever your feelings are, we strongly encourage you to adopt these measures to keep everyone at UITM safe.

You will be ask to fill in health declaration at the beginning of the academic year.

  • Face covering policy. Students, staff, visitors, members of the public will be required to wear masks across all university buildings.
  • Mask useis required within the classroom.
  • Social distancing. You need to remain the recommended distance apart from others, wherever possible. Safe distance – 1.5 meters. Avoid gatherings in the large groups, we are  discouraging you from congregating outside the classroom before and after class.
  • Use of hand sanitizer. There are sanitizers located in many places on the campus but please make sure that you also wash your hands regularly with soap and water, for at least 20 seconds each time.
  • Use of communal areas.We are changing the way we use food and beverage outlets and toilets to ensure maximum safety for the users.



Your health and wellbeing is very important to us and we are continuing to provide all student support services. Student support services will remain available online until it is safe to open in person.

International Student Support Office – you can ask for help in various circumstances (e.g. problems with housing, legalization, health, problems with our website platform).

Our consultants Ms. Alicja Bezruka and  Mr. Dmytro Shcherbak will help to protect your rights, talk with you if you are feeling stressed, sad or in need of the advice.

You can contact them by e-mail:

Academic Center for Personal Development and Psychotherapy- where students can come and talk about their problems.Do you need a mental support? Make an appointment.

Write an email:

Call: +48 607 625 636.



Covid-19 has brought up some restrictions regarding student accommodation in Rzeszow, but please be reassured  they are all safe to move into. At a student’s request, the University’s International Office may offer you help in finding accommodation either in a dormitory or in a private rental market.

Send your inquiry about the accommodation to:


The dormitories have kept their normal functioning with just a few new regulations. The safety measures that have been introduced are the following:

  • social distancing.
  • the dormitories are disinfected regularly and sanitizer dispensers have been placed  at the entrances.
  • everyone must wear masks accordingly, whether in the manager’s office or in the elevator.


Private rental

We did not record significant changes in this sector. There are still plenty of private rental options, depending on your budget; you could rent a room in an apartment or a house.




The City of Rzeszow has been working hard to keep the community safe during the pandemic. Our city is still student friendly, filled with opportunities and made for providing you the best academic memories.

Public Transport
Public transport operates without any disruptions, however you will be required to wear mask on entrance and during your journey on the bus. Limitation on number of passengers is also in place.

Most of the leisure facilities will be open since 31.01.2021: fitness centres, cinemas, swimming pools, shopping centres and local government buildings. Hospitals and  health centres are also operating as usual, however you will be required to keep a social distance (1.5 meters) and cover your face while you are inside. Thanks to the  restrictions, use of all these facilities are continuously possible.


All small shops as well as shopping centres in Rzeszów are open. You must cover your face at all times while in the shops.

There is a penalty of 115 EURO  for not covering your face in places where it is required by the law.


If you have any questions, please contact by e-mail:

We are looking forward to see you in UITM!

Stay safe!

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