International Recruitment and Collaboration

UITM has many years of experience in creating an environment for learning and working that is tolerant and respectful of different cultures and we are committed to making our high-quality teaching and research accessible to all students.

In the next few years our International Student Community will reach 45% of the total student population at UITM. More and more young people from all over the world are choosing our University as a long-term investment for their future. Our courses offer plenty of choice and many opportunities for those who will complete one of our programmes in English, securing a degree that offers a truly global perspective.

If you are considering becoming part of a safe and multicultural community with students from over 70 countries, our Recruitment Team will answer all of your questions and assist you in every step of the application process.

Our Team

Julita Macias
The Admission Specialist

Milena Skiba

Coordinator for International Recruitment and Collaboration

Tuna Dalaman

Specialist in International Recruitment and Partner Collaboration

Mitch Moneta

Specialist in African Recruitment and Ambassador Programme Coordinator

Darya Radayeva
The Admission Specialist

  • Foreign students recruitment;
  • Negotiation, conclusion and execution of international contracts and agreements;
  • Collaboration with other universities and foreign institutions in the field of scientific and didactic exchange;
  • Organisation and coordination of foreign visits at UITM as well as planning University delegations abroad;
  • Providing in-depth information about job placements and studies abroad for UITM students;
  • Organisation and coordination of foreign guest lectures;
  • Organisation of summer schools for international students;
  • Providing information about international conferences and seminars.

For more information about cooperation opportunities or any other subjects related to International Recruitment, please contact us at the following address:

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International Recruitment and Collaboration

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