Double Degree

The UITM students can earn a degree from a number of well-known universities in Europe. There are several double degree programmes offered by UITM at no extra charge in the following fields: InformationTechnology, English Philology, Aviation Management, Computer Graphics and Animation, International Business, Business Administration, Hospitality Management, Leisure and Tourism, Public Health, Paramedic studies, Journalism and Social Communication, European Studies.

Recommended universities in Great Britain:

  • Birmingham City University, UK
  • Coventry University, UK
  • Derby University, UK
  • Huddersfield University, UK
  • University of Abartey Dundee, UK
  • University of Central Lancashire, UK
  • University of Wales Trinity Saint David, UK
  • University of Ulster (London and Birmingham Campuses), UK
  • London School of Business and Management, UK

By taking part in the Double Degree programme, you are entitled to:

  • Recognition of credits obtained at a British university
  • Financial support: up to £ 9,250 loan to cover a tuition fee in Great Britain
  • 50% discount on tuition fees at UITM

If you want to earn international experience and improve language skills,  you are a perfect candidate to take up the challenge!

‘My stay in Derby was a kind of a life lesson for me. The Double Degree programme stands out in the aspect of an independent organization of the stay in a particular country, city, where the University is located. First and foremost, accommodation, bank account, and National Insurance number that is compulsory when starting a job in the UK must be taken care of. I worked half-time and the salary practically covered most of my expenses concerning my stay in Derby. It was, therefore, a valuable lesson of independence. In my opinion, participation in such programmes significantly raises the chances on the labour market.’

Anna Sarzyniak

University of Derby

‘The Double Degree in England was one of the best experiences I’ve gained so far. I graduated with the “BEng in European Engineering Studies” diploma. I recommend the Double Degree Programme to every student because it is an ideal way for self-development, improvement of language and interpersonal skills and academic development. The experience that students can obtain thanks to Double Degree will bear fruit in their future carrier, and the friendships will surely be life-long.’

Tomasz Cisło

University of Coventry

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