UITM Ambassador Programme

First and foremost question – what is Ambassador Programme about?

The UITM Ambassador Programme is a prestigious programme connecting the best students of our university from different countries, whose role is to represent UITM in the academic environment and external recruitment markets.

However, that’s not all! Our Ambassadors will share their experience with you!

One of the most important features of this programme is that it gives a chance for upcoming students to communicate with our experienced Ambassadors.

We all know how hard it is to go and study abroad even though it sounds encouraging. Sometimes we need to talk to people who have already gone through the stage of settling down in a completely new country and UITM Ambassador Programme gives such a unique opportunity.

These are people who had their own difficulties when coming to study in Poland and of course they have managed to overcome all obstacles and developed as personalities in different areas. What is also important to mention, our young representatives of UITM have joined the programme to guide upcoming students, give them motivation and prove that everything is possible when you have a dream.

Even though we are facing an uncommon situation of the pandemic, living in a modern world makes it possible to contact anyone you want in the world with just one click.

Do you also want to be a part of the Ambassador Programme?

That is not a problem!

What are the responsibilities?

  • Representing a university in your country of origin and within the student community
  • Participation in promotional events at the university
  • Promotion of the current recruitment offer among potential students, participation in job fairs and other events
  • Distribution of information and image materials, participation in their creation, support of the International Recruitment and Collaboration Office in promotional activities

What are the requirements?

  • Participation in university’s activities
  • Time and desire to answer questions of potential students
  • Generation of new and unconventional ideas
  • Continuous initiative

What are the benefits?

  • A chance to participate in various UITM events
  • Opportunity to meet other Ambassadors, participate in integration meetings
  • Networking with the UITM team
  • A set of special merchandise for UITM Ambassadors
  • Material awards, references and confirmations of participation in the Programme
  • Points of activity for the scholarship
  • Co-creation of university promotional materials and new experience in marketing
  • Status of the official representative of UITM with access to information on the webpage

Don’t miss your chance! Contact us via email.

Jasmine Begam

Assalamualaikum and Namaste. I’m Jasmine, an aviation student at UITM. I come from Saudi Arabia and Nepal. I aim to become a pilot, but due to unfortunate circumstances, I couldn’t pursue my training as of now. UITM helped me cope with that loss by providing this amazing course. The teachers are wonderful, the recruiters are wonderful, the students (including me, *ahem​*)are wonderful. We’ll always welcome you with open hands and help you through each and everything. This is my first semester, already 3 months in Poland and I’m already working as a travel agent in a company too. So this is your sign to join us asap.

Oumaima Faris

Hello, My name is Oumaima. I am from the capital of Morocco, Rabat.
After getting my high school degree I’ve decided to study Aviation far away from home. Because I always wanted to be more independent and discover new people and their culture as well. Now after 1 year of being in Poland I can say that it was the best experience I have ever had. During this time I have met a lot of interesting people from all over the world. Therefore, I am here to help you in your first steps of gaining new, unforgettable experiences in a very international environment with amazing people.

Patriot Lumumba

Hi. My name is Patriot Shyaka Lumumba, from Rwanda. I am a student of Aviation Management at UITM. My goals and plans amongst others are to shape the world around me through my education, into a place the vast majority can learn and soar beyond their limitations. Those skills and abilities are being nurtured right here at UITM. My experience in Poland thus far has been nothing short of fascinating. My hobbies include reading nonfiction books, playing tennis, cooking, and extending courtesy through helping people.

Rokia Kemmouni

As-allam alikom , Salut. I am Rokia Hafsa Kemmouni, I am aviation management student in Uitm. I chose aviation because in my childhood I had the dream of becoming a pilot someday. Plus, I love the management sector. UITM gave me the great opportunity to chase both of the dreams at the same time. Fun fact is, the teachers make it more interesting to study the subjects. A very welcoming university!

Ashley Chiyangwa

Hello my name is Ashley Chiyangwa and I am from Zimbabwe. I study Aviation Management at UITM and I am also pursuing my dream of being a commercial pilot with one of the school’s partners. The best word to describe my experience in Poland so far is exhilarating. In my free time i enjoy playing basketball and soccer and the community of international students within UITM makes the journey very worthwhile.

Tomiris Seitzhaparova

Hi! My name is Tomiris and I come from the capital city of Kazakhstan, Astana. Since the beginning of my high school, I developed an intense interest in the Aviation sector. Currently, I’m obtaining the Aviation Management degree at UITM and I believe that there is no better place than this university to pursue my academic career and put education into practice. I am really passionate about expanding my worldview, trying new experiences and meeting different people from all over the world. I would love to dedicate myself wholeheartedly to share my experience and help you in your first steps of this fascinating journey.

Tushar Kashyap

My name is Tushar Kashyap and I am from India. I am currently studying bachelor’s in aviation management at UITM. My hobbies are playing video games, traveling, and plane spotting. I aspire to become a commercial pilot and studying at UITM has laid a major milestone for my future. Studying in Poland is a whole new and exciting experience for me, as it gives me a chance to interact with people belonging to different parts of the world. „

Brian Abel Timothy

Hello there! I am Brian from Indonesia. A few years ago, I watched a movie called Ready Player One and since then, it made up my mind to become a game developer. It must be fun to make my own world and I can do anything in it! I was looking for a university that can help me to achieve it and UITM is the answer. Great opportunity studying in here since UITM collaborates with big companies and I am able to meet many students from all over the world! I will share you guys my experience in here. Feel free to ask!

Christine Karisa

My name is Christine Riziki from Kenya. Am a first year nursing student in UITM. I love being of help to others that why i chose to pursue nursing as a career which it will enable me to be of help to the society. I like to travel, sight seeing,hiking, socialize. UITM has been good to me they welcomed me in their university, accommodate me and also be there during my visa application they made sure that to help whenever it was possible.
Am an active person,relaible and committed.Great communication and teamworker. You can talk to me through instagram: karisa_christine and facebook: xtine karisa. Can not wait to interract with you.

Nthabiseng Krystyl Khumalo

Sanibonani nonke. I am Nthabiseng Khumalo born and raised in South Africa. I have always loved making people feel better and my aim is to make people happy and that is what my name means and who I am. Leaving my country has always been a dream of mine and I when I got the chance to, I took it and it never crossed my mind that I would be studying abroad after high school. I am loving the experience and I am grateful for the opportunity that I have been given. I was given a choice to whether stay in my country or come to Poland and I did not want to miss this opportunity because they do not come easily. I’ve been here for 4 months and I cannot wait to have more experience and embark on the journey I have decided to take.

Dawit Netere

Selam, my name is Dawit, I’m from Ethiopia. I’ve always been fascinated with Tech, especially Computer Programming and Artificial Intelligence. The role that modern technology plays in human life is becoming very crucial. Taking part in Ethiopia’s technological growth and Africa as a whole is my ultimate dream. Studying abroad at UITM is a key for me to be experienced and achieve my dream.

Archil Chikhradze

Hello, my name is Archil and I am from Tbilisi Georgia. I am currently an active student at UITM on the faculty of Aviation Management. Throughout the time I spent here in Rzeszow Poland, I can clearly say that I can provide you with valuable advice that will help you in your journey at UITM as well as in this city. Since I arrived and settled down in  Rzeszow, I realized that I made the right decision. If you are a  future or current student of UITM do not hesitate to ask questions and get more information from us.I am looking forward to getting in touch with people who have the desire and interest in UITM. See you on Board!

Daniel Szafran

Hi, my name is Daniel Szafran, I am from the United States. A little about myself, I study Aviation Management at UITM and my further interests include Amateur Videography & Photo editing. I’ve been in Poland for about a year now and it’s been an up and down journey with many pros & cons. My hobbies include playing soccer and working out in my free time.

Edinaria Patricio da Silva

Olá:) My name is Edinaria and I come from Natal, Brazil. I study Information Technology with a specialty in Programming, and what attracted me the most to study at UITM is the format of the program, as it is based on two basic skills groups: programming languages in IT and software design. This is the second bachelor’s degree that I study and I could not be happier to complete it abroad. It is a very enriching experience, which enables my further development. My main hobbies are playing handball and reading books.

Luliia Iakovleva

Hello, my name is Iuliia, I am from Russia, Vladivostok. In fact, I have already visited many countries, such as: Singapore, South Korea, Japan, USA, Saipan and etc. Last summer,I decided that my dream in terms of aviation should come true and as a result, I chose Aviation management specialisation in UITM, Poland. In my opinion, it was a perfect decision due to the fact that my university is situated in the centre of Europe, it let me be a part of many events and finally be an Ambassador. All in all, I am ready to help everyone and answer all the questions as soon as possible. Thank you.

Artur Moiseiev

Hello dears, my name is Artur. I am from eastern Ukraine, Dnipro. I wanted to be a pilot when I was a kid, but when I grew up and finished school I decided for 100 % that I want to connect my life with the aviation industry. I am a student of Aviation Management speciality. I was looking for a university with such an aviation speciality and was surprised to find that UITM is the only one university in Poland and one of a few in Europe which offer such an aviation speciality. I really like this university because it offers a great subjects, form of education and also many opportunities for student life (different events, scholarships, internships etc.). I have been in Poland for 2 years now and it is amazing experience. During that time I have met a lot of interesting people and friends from various countries.

Please, do not hesitate to contact me for any questions.

Aliev Abbosjon

Hi, my name is Abbos Aliev and I come from Uzbekistan. A little about myself, I study in international business management at UITM and my further interests include Business communication skills and huge amount of knowledge of business. I’ve been in Poland for 5 months now and it’s been quite a worthwhile fruitful journey till now. My hobbies include reading books and playing basketball in free time.

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