UITM Ambassador Programme

First and foremost question – what is Ambassador Programme about?

The UITM Ambassador Programme is a prestigious programme connecting the best students of our university from different countries, whose role is to represent UITM in the academic environment and external recruitment markets.

However, that’s not all! Our Ambassadors will share their experience with you!

One of the most important features of this programme is that it gives a chance for upcoming students to communicate with our experienced Ambassadors.

We all know how hard it is to go and study abroad even though it sounds encouraging. Sometimes we need to talk to people who have already gone through the stage of settling down in a completely new country and UITM Ambassador Programme gives such a unique opportunity.

These are people who had their own difficulties when coming to study in Poland and of course they have managed to overcome all obstacles and developed as personalities in different areas. What is also important to mention, our young representatives of UITM have joined the programme to guide upcoming students, give them motivation and prove that everything is possible when you have a dream.

Even though we are facing an uncommon situation of the pandemic, living in a modern world makes it possible to contact anyone you want in the world with just one click.

Do you also want to be a part of the Ambassador Programme?

That is not a problem!

What are the responsibilities?

  • Representing a university in your country of origin and within the student community
  • Participation in promotional events at the university
  • Promotion of the current recruitment offer among potential students, participation in job fairs and other events
  • Distribution of information and image materials, participation in their creation, support of the International Recruitment and Collaboration Office in promotional activities

What are the requirements?

  • Participation in university’s activities
  • Time and desire to answer questions of potential students
  • Generation of new and unconventional ideas
  • Continuous initiative

What are the benefits?

  • A chance to participate in various UITM events
  • Opportunity to meet other Ambassadors, participate in integration meetings
  • Networking with the UITM team
  • A set of special merchandise for UITM Ambassadors
  • Material awards, references and confirmations of participation in the Programme
  • Points of activity for the scholarship
  • Co-creation of university promotional materials and new experience in marketing
  • Status of the official representative of UITM with access to information on the webpage

Don’t miss your chance! Contact us via email.

Que tal! My name is Alejandro. I come from Mérida, Venezuela and I am also Spanish! After trying many different paths and travelling for 2 years, I found what I was always looking for here at the UITM… the opportunity to have a fresh start and give the best of me! I am a student of Programming, I’m combining studies with a job. I’m glad that I made a decision and after many changes I moved in to Rzeszów.

As-salamu alaykum, my name is Israt Tasnim Muna. Basically am from Bangladesh but from past 7 years I lived in Kuwait with my parents. Now, it is almost 2 years I am here in Poland. The experience has been great till now and most importantly it is a very exciting journey and a life-changing experience.

Hi, my name is Sudhanshu Gupta and I come from India. A little about myself, I study computer science at UITM and my further interests include AI and Cybersecurity. I’ve been in Poland for 2 years now and it’s been quite a worthwhile fruitful journey till now. My hobbies include playing volleyball and watching lot of movies in my free time.

Hello. My name is Maria. I come from Velingrad, Bulgaria. When I decided that I want to study abroad after graduating from high school, a lot of people were surprised by my choice of destination. In my country, Poland is not so popular among students and honestly, even I hadn’t heard about Rzeszow before I found out about my university. I took the chance to become a UITM ambassador, simply to show people that going off the beaten track is not so scary. In fact, it is a very exciting journey and a life-changing experience.

Hi, My name is Tuna Dalaman. I’m from Ankara/Turkey. There were two things I always wanted, study aviation and study abroad. I managed to achieve the first one, I started studying Aviation Management in Turkey, but my second goal was still in my mind and my heart. In the second year of my studies I qualified for Erasmus + Programme, and on the 2nd month of my Erasmus and I took my interest to the University and they were extremely helpful and supportive. Make a long story short, I transferred to UITM and have been studying here for more than 2 years now. It was the best decision I have ever had.

Helloo, I am Anula and I am from Kazakhstan, The Capital Astana. I know its Nur-Sultan, but not for me =) Studying abroad was my dream since I was 11. And I did it. Thanks for our university and its opportunities: like Erasmus + Programme and other. Since I was not satisfied with education in Kazakhstan I decided for myself I want quality education. I am personally interested in psychology and quantum biology. However, here I Study General Aviation Management. Before coming here I had never had any flight and never seen any aircraft, and I found this faculty very sapid to learn deeply about. I thank myself for making the decision to study at UITM every day.

Hi! My name is Anastasiia, but friends call me Nastia. I am from the heart of Ukraine, Kyiv. I have been dreaming to study abroad since I was 12 years old and now after 2 years of being at UITM I can persuade you that it was the best experience I have ever had. During that time I have met a lot of interesting people from all over the world who became a part of my surroundings. Therefore, I am here to help you in your first steps of gaining new unforgettable experience.

Hello! I’m Duong but my friends here call me Panda. I’m from Hanoi, Vietnam and I couldn’t be prouder of my home city. I’d always dreamt of going abroad to study ever since I was only 12 years old. Poland initially wasn’t my destination to study, I used to try and apply for the UK, US, or Australia. I was working at the Noibai International Airport when I found out about UITM and the programs that the university offered, particularly, the Aviation programs. After a year of preparing on all aspects possible, ranging from finance, physical, and mentally, I finally made it to UITM and became one of many international students here. I am here to share with you my experiences studying, living, and growing here in Rzeszow, Poland.

Hey there, my name is Zviko, I was born and raised in Zimbabwe. I am a huge fan of aviation and sports. I love to push myself and discover new boundaries. Seeing the world is something I quite enjoy and studying in Poland has opened that door for me. Ultimately my dream is to help rebuild some of the things back home in Zim and Africa as a whole especially when it comes to the Aviation Industry there, I feel there is a lot of untapped potentials. Gaining knowledge and experience abroad is a key step for that plan to happen.

Hey, my name’s Andrew. I’m from Kenya, I suppose I’ve always been a man of travel and aviation at heart, jumping from country to country. My favourite place I have visited is Kyoto, Japan. I aspire to be a commercial pilot to travel the world even more and transport people to all corners of the globe. Studying at UITM is a big stepping stone for me to achieve that dream.

Hi there, my name is Henry Karukuru. I’m from sunny Pacific island state of Papua New Guinea (PNG). I am currently studying for my Masters in International Management. Personally, I’ve been a lover of history. Having a background in Politics and International Relations, it comes as no surprise. And what place is better to experience history than Europe; Poland specifically. And that’s how I ended up here. I’ve always been a firm believer in the power of what experience and knowledge can have put together. And so UITM and Poland have given me the wonderful opportunity to attain both, which I can use to its fullest potential back home in PNG.

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