Multicultural University


University of Information Technology and Management in Rzeszow is an outstanding example of multicultural university.


The University mission and vision statement, aims at creation of new economic, social and cultural values. UITM as a leader of internationalization among higher education institution in Poland gives an opportunity of becoming a part of a multicultural world. U-Multirank – a multidimensional, international ranking of higher education institutions – ranked UITM at 4th position in Poland, and in terms of the internationalization UITM received the highest possible grade – A (very good).

The University Governance pays special attention to development of multicultural and internationalized environment, where freedom and safety of students are the most important aspects. The exchange of cultural values and traditions among the UITM society is the main goal of the University as a multicultural place.



UITM started its international educational offer in 2004. Every year, the number of foreign students at the University increases. High efforts of the UITM leadership to create a great academic place for exchange of knowledge and cultural values led to that the University of Information Technology and Management in Rzeszow is currently a place for almost 1 600 foreign students from 47 countries. UITM’s high experience favors a creation of attractive educational and research environment giving a chance for gaining knowledge, skills and meeting new, inspiring people from all over the world


As a multicultural academic community we are interested in the cultures of foreign students. This is why UITM organizes many events. UITM integrates students by organizing such events to increase the flow of cultural insights. There are regularly repeated events as well as those organized due to some current worldwide happenings.

  • Culture days – every year students participate in culture days. They may present their countries and its history. Students from almost 50 countries have a chance to discover each country by introduction to culture, cuisine etc. prepared by our community.
  • International Christmas Eve/Easter – During holidays such as Christmas or Easter, all students celebrate it together and share their culture’s traditions. UITM celebrates also other events related to the specific country or culture every year.
  • UITM Talent Show – the most popular event among the UITM student society. Each student may present his or her talent and give a performance in front of hundreds of people. Thanks to the multicultural environment at the university, each edition is different and surprising.
  • UITM Talks – an event that was organized by scientific clubs. It gave students an opportunity to present their own views on issues related to Human Rights all over the world. Following its success other, similar events are going to be organized.


UITM offers a variety of students organizations where members gather, develop skills, knowledge and share ideas in particular field of interests.

  • Scientific organizations and clubs
    • Aviation Management Club
    • Institute for the Research on Civilisations
    • Language Club
    • Financial Cryptography Scientific Club

  • UITM Student Council – its members represents all of the students. Student Council members are also responsible for cooperation with the University Governance and administration of all the most important official events that take place at the UITM. Representing a student society is a great opportunity to make new friendships and gain an organizational experience in international group of people.

  • Erasmus+ – a European Union created program that gives an opportunity to study abroad at universities within the EU for even a whole academic year. Being the UITM student you will have a great chance to travel and study around the Europe learning new cultures.


The University helps students on a daily basis with the university and private issues. No one will be alone with troubles, UITM always takes care about people. There are three helpful initiatives for our community:

  • The International Student Support Office
  • Buddy Program (students self-help)
  • Adaptation Clinic (help in adaptation in Poland)


Knowledge, credibility and trust are key aspects for future students willing to start education abroad. This is why UITM launched an informative Ambassador Program. It is targeted at the candidates who search for a credible source of information about studying at the UITM. Everyone can get in touch with the UITM Ambassador, who is a current UITM student, and ask for any information.

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