On Saturday, November 17, graduates of the Polish and English-language courses received their long-awaited diplomas. The students – accompanied by their friends, acquaintances and family members – gathered in the International Centre for Education in Kielnarowa, where the event took place. The ceremony was also attended by university partners from abroad and a group of graduates from Vietnam.

The ceremony began the Vice-Rector for Teaching, dr Andrzej Rozmus, who congratulated this year’s graduates for completing a very important stage in professional and scientific development and wished everyone further successes. Due to the large number of graduates and English-speaking guests, the graduation ceremony was held in two languages Polish and English. Lidia Lejko and Szymon Taranda hosted the event.

An important part of the programme was honouring the most talented graduates, in particular fields of study, and presenting them with the „Graduate of the Year” award. Nineteen people have been singled out this year.

The awarded graduates are:

Anna Chmura, Justyna Curzytek, Nataliia Filimoniuk, Karolina Góraj, Sofiia Haliziv, Sylwia Warchoł, Jakub Gilarski, Mateusz Nowak, Piotr Olko, Tomasz Paśko, Gennadii Semenyshyn, Jakub Tobiasz, Marta Andrusiv, Katarzyna Czubat, Maja Świątek, Dominik Ciurko, Marcin Smulski, Mateusz Szczygieł oraz Oleksandr Zheliezniak

The most important and at the same time the most awaited moment of the ceremony was obtaining the degree of bachelor and master. Graduates dressed in gowns and caps, at a signal of the host, shifted tassels from left to the right side of cap, as a symbol of joining the UITM graduates’ community. After that,  each graduate received a diploma and congratulation letter in their field and level of study from the University’s authorities:

Bachelor’s degree:

Administration, Internal Safety, Journalism and Social Communication, Philology, Economics, Finance and Accounting, Management, Computer Graphics and Multimedia Production, Dietetics, Cosmetology, Tourism and Recreation, Economics – studies in English, Information Technology – studies in English.

Master’s degree:

Administration, Journalism and Social Communication, Economics, Information Technology, Public Health, Economics – studies in English, Information Technology – studies in English.

Following this part, a representative of the UITM graduates took the floor and, on behalf of this year’s graduates, thanked the authorities, deans, lecturers, and administrative staff of the university. The last speaker was a representative of the “Graduate Club”, who presented the statutory goals,  club membership benefits and invited everyone to join the club.

The graduation ceremony was concluded by the Bleep Quartet and Diana Szeliga concert.