At the University of Information Technology and Management in Rzeszów there are many Scientific Clubs. Thanks to them, students can develop their skills as well as, broaden their horizons.

Recently, the Vice-Rector for Science and International Cooperation Agata Jurkowska-Gomułka, Ph.D., announced a competition for all Scientific Clubs working at UITM. Under the competition, both scientific and artistic projects can be submitted. Their main aim should be popularizing science and art among academic community.

This is a new initiative and a unique chance of creating an interesting project. The main aim of the competition is to improve the scientific work of UITM Scientific Clubs.

This is the first edition of the competition, which engage students in scientific and artistic development and support their innovation and creativity.

This year, as many as 25 Scientific Circles are active at our university. Many of our Scientific Clubs have been supported by the University for years by financing research, publications, and trips to conferences. Now students can also apply for funding for large, independent projects, which will motivate them to engage even more in scientific activities.

The rules of the competition along with the application form are available HERE. Applications can be submitted in two deadlines: February 15, 2023 (first call) and March 31, 2023 (second call).