One of the pillars of our university is conducting frequent quality surveys . The report “UITM Graduates in 2018” prepared by the Educational Research Team has just been published. It proves that UITM is a university that is highly-recommended and the one that increases students’ chances on the labour market.

Are students satisfied with studies at UITM?

The report result shows that the answer is undoubtedly positive. 9 out of 10 respondents expressed their satisfaction with study at the University of Information Technology and Management. This general opinion translates into a number of other indicators that were included in the survey. For example, 8 out of 10 UITM graduates would choose UITM as a place for study for the second time. It’s the same number of people who think that UITM has met thier expectations.


87% of students expressed their satisfaction with study at UITM.

Does study really increase chances on the labour market?

Graduates often rate to what extent thier study at  the University of Information Technology and Management  improve their position on th labour market . In this case the results is also optimistic. Classes in specialized laboratories, attractive internship programmes and courses run by practitioners gave a positive result. 8 out of 10 graduates (8%) declare that their chances on the labour market  increased after obtaining a diploma.   

80% of graduates declared that study at UITM increased their chances on the labour market

Are students willing to recommend our university?

One of the marketing research standard questions is whether respondents would recommend the product they are asked of. The message behind this questions is simple: people care about thier friends, so they do not want to disappoint them with false recommendation. For many companies with good reputation this question causes a lot of trouble. Our university did an excellent job in this test. As much as 81% of the last year’s graduates would recommend the University of Information Technology and Management to their friends.

81% of graduates would recommend study at UITM to their friends

The survey was conducted by the UITM Educational Research Team among UITM graduates between 1st February to 30th November 2018. The total number of participants was 1146.