Students from the Aviation Management faculties at UITM get access to the Swiss Ch-Aviation, one of the top aviation databases.

The Ch-Aviation program will give students access to a database that contains a wide range of airline-related data to supplement their daily studies, seminars, and student projects. Students will get access to comprehensive production listings and details on more than 70,000 aircraft, in addition to exclusive news.

As many airlines, airports, finance and leasing firms, and other aviation stakeholders rely on Ch-accurate Aviation’s data and news, students who are familiar with the database will be well-positioned to follow their dream of working for some of the largest firms in the industry. Micha J. Wichrowski, Head of Aviation Management Courses at UITM, highlights that graduates of UITM’s aviation programs will have an even better start to their careers in aviation as a result of the established partnership.

Ch-Aviation is an information and news portal in the field of civil aviation. Since its establishment in Chur, Switzerland, in 1998, it has grown to become a key aviation intelligence provider, serving more than 1.8 million customers annually. Ch-Aviation offers access to a database with a wide range of airline-related data, as well as a thorough list of production and information on more than 70,000 aircraft. Several airlines, airports, companies, and other stakeholders in the aviation industry rely on the news and information provided by Ch-reliable Aviation.