“Always Up-to-Date” is a project realised by a group of students from the Leopold Lis-Kula Secondary School No. 2 in Rzeszow within the scope of the ‘Theory-Free’ Social Olympiad. The young people invited the Academic Centre for Personal Development and Psychotherapy at UITM to cooperate on the project.

The project, which deals with the issue of time organization, is dedicated to young people. Six secondary school students – Antek, Lidia, Karolina, Sylwek, Anita and Angelika – want to show their peers how important it is to manage time appropriately. The students organized workshops in three schools in Rzeszow, namely Secondary School No 2, No 1 and Secondary School No. 9.  While learning how to play the “Time Lords”  game, they learned how to plan and use time effectively.

Students of Psychology in Management at the University of Information Technology and Management in Rzeszów assisted their younger friends in conducting the workshops and taking care of workshop groups and working out creative solutions.

The experience in running workshops gave me the opportunity to test myself in a new situation. Despite many fears, it turned out that coordination of creative people is a creative game which considerably increases our knowledge. I’m sure that I’ll  make use of the knowledge I gained from  this experience in my future career – says Karolina, one of the students involved in the project.