The Inauguration of the new academic year 2022/2023 will take place on October 5, 2022 (Wednesday), at 11 AM on our second campus in Kielnarowa.

After the main ceremony, there will be an inaugural lecture entitled „Sustainable development – a philosophy for the busy” presented by Jerzy Zwoździak, Ph.D.

The inauguration ceremony is one of the most important events academic life of each young person that starts studies. This ceremony symbolically opens a new academic year for the entire academic community. Not only students wait for the beginning of the new academic year, but also our lecturers and academic staff at UITM. It is also an important day for our business partners and local government with whom we have been actively participating in scientific and economic projects for 26 years.

Traditionally, during the Inauguration, Immatriculation will take place, as the act of admitting first-year students to the academic community.

After the official part of the Inauguration, we will be glad to present an exhibition “I Biennale im. prof. Józef Szajna.” This exhibition will be a part of the celebration of Józef Szajna’s hundredth birth anniversary.

Inauguration ceremony is a special day for each new student, if you would like to check how the ceremony was conducted last year click HERE. Last year’s ceremony was unique due to the fact that it was combined with 25th anniversary of UITM. However, we are sure that this academic experience will be important for new students, especially for those who come from different countries.