Almost 200 people took part in the Asian Day, organized by the International Student Support Office.

Students from Asia shared the culture, history and traditions, of the countries they come from, and then their presentations were complemented by costume and dance shows and tasting of Asian dishes.

The meeting was an opportunity to get to know several Asian countries and their extremely rich cultural heritage. I am very glad that representatives of so many countries from the Asian study at UITM, I am impressed by your knowledge, activity and energy” – said the Rector of UITM, Andrzej Rozmus, Ph.D., Assoc. Prof.

During the Asian Day presentations about Asian countries were given by: Ny Le Tran Dan from Vietnam, Daryn Zhomart and Gulzat Yessen from Kazakhstan, Nurgazy Abdimomunov from Kyrgyzstan and Muyassar Asoulov from Tajikistan. Each presentation was a mini lecture about history, the most important customs and everyday life in a given country.

The costumes and dance shows aroused much emotion and delight among the gathered viewers. In the show of folk costumes took part students from Kazakhstan: Tolkyn Undash, Assem Serik, Aygoz Sairan, Assem Abu, Aikumis Kabysheva, Darina Beispekova, Nazerke Baimenova, Zhanerke Baimenova and Sabina Makayeva, while the Vietnamese costume was presented by Ny Le Tran Dan. All the costumes were hand-sewn and impressed with their craftsmanship and quality of workmanship.

Vocal performances and dance shows also turned out to be the domain of students from Kazakhstan, on the stage of the IQ Club the following people performed: Akerke Mukhamadi, Daniyar Alkulov, Nurlan Syrmanov, Nazerke Baimenova, Zhanerke Baimenova, Adil Yerzhanov, Ayagoz Sairan, Gulzat Yessen, Dilnaz Maxutova, Balaussa Kaldykozova. Additionally, a Japanese song was performed by Haruka Namiki Japan, and a traditional Pamirsk song was performed by Farzin Gulobov from Tajikistan, playing the guitar.

We organized Asia Day to familiarize UITM students with the culture of Asia, and I mean not only traditional costumes, songs, dances and dishes, but also the energy, mood and enthusiasm of the inhabitants of these countries! As the Rector, Professor Andrzej Rozmus, said, Asian students can always be seen and heard in the university corridors. There was a lot of applause and positive emotions during this evening. Employees of the university Lunch Bar prepared an amazing pilaf, and our students provided other traditional dishes. I am glad that the activity of our international students inspires everyone around„- says Anastasiia Hlukhova, from the UITM International Student Support Office, who led the entire event.

Students from Asia mainly study at UITM programmes such as: Programming, Computer Science, Aviation Management and International Business Management.

Asia Day was part of this year’s Melting Pot Festival, which also included an international tournament of tricky riddles, a meeting with Ukrainian art, and a multicultural talk show hosted by an UITM student from Iran.