On June 27, representatives of International Student Support Office met with our Buddies to make a Buddy Picnic due to the end of the 2021/2022 academic year.

The meeting was divided into several parts, and in the begging we congratulate 10 best Buddies, who helped other students and managed to earn the biggest amount of activity points for their work.

We also sum up what we have already done, and talked about projects and plans for the future. Best 10 Buddies got some presents, certificates and exclusive Buddy T-Shirts. After official part, the participants could enjoy the tasty grill food and snacks, play funny game, participate in the quiz and simply have fun and enjoy meeting new people.

In the nearest future, we are planning to develop the Buddy programme, as UITM becomes more international and more students from abroad come to study in Rzeszów. We believe, that no one will understand the student like another student, therefore the Buddy programme is important for those who just started their studies at our University. Currently, 70 senior students are participating in this programme and help new student to adopt in new place. Every UITM students, who is ready to help others, want to receive activity points for the scholarship and valuable experience, working in an international environment, can become a Buddy too!

More info about Buddy programme you can find on our website: https://en.uitm.edu.eu/study/support/