This year, the community of UITM Alumni has grown by a nearly 1,000 people. Congratulations to all Masters, Engineers and Bachelors!

We are aware, that this academic year was not easy due to Covid-19 pandemic. In the second semester of the 2019/2020 academic year, most classes were held online, and 98% of this year’s graduates took the diploma exam online. The more we are proud of your results and academic achievements.

Due to the pandemic, this year’s Graduation must take place online. The University Authorities present their official congratulations and thanks for the joint and constructive work in the form of a video.

Congratulations to our Best Graduates!

The titles of Graduate of the Year in first-cycle studies in Polish language courses go to:

  • Ms. Dominika Panuś – a graduate of Philology
  • Mr. Krystian Szejerka – a graduate of Computer Graphics and Multimedia Production
  • Ms Aleksandra Owczarska – graduate of Digital Media and Image Communication
  • Ms Anna Lichtarska – a graduate of Cosmetology
  • Mrs. Marta Ziemba – a graduate of Dietetics
  • Ms Oliwia Dzięglewicz – a graduate of Psychology in Management
  • Mr. Andrii Zasanskyi – a graduate of Management

The titles of the Graduate of the Year in the second-cycle studies in Polish-language paths go to:

  • Mrs. Natalia Puc – a graduate of Administration
  • Mrs. Nataliia Filimoniuk – a graduate of Journalism and Social Communication
  • Ms. Justyna Konieczko and exeqo Ms. Natalia Pawlik – graduates of Cosmetology
  • Mr. Mateusz Nowak – a graduate of Management

The titles of Graduate of the Year in first-cycle studies in English-speaking paths go to:

  • Ms Karolina Olechowska – a graduate of Economics
  • Mr. Marceli Wielopolski – a graduate of Computer Science

The Graduate of the Year titles in second-cycle studies in English-speaking paths go to

  • Ms Nicoletta Zalewska – a graduate of Economics
  • Mr. Baboucarr Njie – a graduate of Computer Science

All this year’s UITM graduates are invited to join the Facebook group: UITM Graduate Club.
Membership in the Club allows us to maintain mutual contact and keep you informed about important events organized by the University. Club membership is free and guarantees many opportunities for personal and professional development and benefits, e.g. in the form of the Alumni Club Card, entitling you to take advantage of attractive discounts thanks to University’s Partners.

Today, we are delighted to invite you  to  the International Reunion of UITM Alumni, which will take place next autumn. It is going to be one of the events where we will celebrate the 25 years of our University. We strongly encourage you to follow the UITM jubilee site, where detailed information on this event will be published. You are also invited to participate in jubilee projects: „We are UITM  – Tell us your story” and „UITM Chronicle – create it with us”.