Despite the pandemic and epidemiological restrictions, we want our new students to get to know their new University, lecturers, and coursemates.

Matriculation- the ceremony where new students become the members of our academic community. It is always one of the most pleasant moments of the academic year. This time similarly to classes the ceremony will be hybrid – this is the result of the ongoing Covid-19 pandemic.

For the sake of the health of students and employees of the University of Information Technology and Management in Rzeszów, this year’s Matriculation will not be an one-time celebration, but as a series of independent meetings in smaller groups. The matriculation will take place on campus, on various dates dependently on the particular course. The meetings will be led by Vice-Deans and Tutors of the faculties.
Matriculation will take place in compliance with the sanitary regime. Each participant is obliged to cover his mouth and nose with a mask. The organizational details will be sent on students’ mail box. As attachments, students will get a form of the oath and Covid-19 statements along with the GDPR. The Covid-19 and GDPR statement form should be printed, signed and taken to the organizational meeting.
Contracts for the provision of educational services will by send by traditional post. However, students are obliged to print one copy, sign it and bring it to the Recruitment Department or send it back by traditional post.

We invite you to participate in Matriculation. Check the exact date of Matriculation HERE