Representatives from UITM has visited our partner, Garden City University in Bangalore, India, where the collaboration was initiated with a ceremony of MoU signing.

In the presence of the University Governance, lecturers, administrative staff and students  prof. Agata Jurkowsla-Gomułka signed a Memorandum of Understanding. On behalf of the Garden City University, a document about our future collaboration was signed by the Chancellor Dr. Joseph V G. The welcome speech was conducted by Lt.Gen.Ramesh Halgali.

There were media representatives present during the ceremony as well as local TV stations that later included this ceremony in their evening news.

After the official ceremony there was a meeting with students and the team from Garden City University responsible for international relations and development. Magdalena Louis, Director of International Collaboration and Recruitment at UITM met with Mr. Christo V Joseph, Director for Strategy and Planning. During the discussions several aspects of collaboration between our universities were discussed, including staff mobility, visiting professors scheme and also joint research programmes as well as student exchange programmes.

Tuna Dalaman, specialist for International Recruitment at UITM met up with Garden City University students to present UITM and their educational offer in English. There were a lot of questions from young students regarding life in Poland and the possibility of completing a Master’s degree at UITM.

With the great help and assistance from Honorary Consul of Poland, Mr C.R. Raghu, our visit to Bangalore was very successful.

Thanks to the  ERASMUS+, Staff Mobility for Training programme, UITM was able to visit two universities in India and start a new chapter in the ongoing internationalization process at UITM.