Discover the thriving job market in our region.

The Podkarpackie region in Poland is in the southeastern part of Poland and offers a wealth of job opportunities across different sectors. International students thanks to studies at UITM have attractive job opportunities in Poland.

Podkarpacie is known for its strong industrial-based businesses and the region is home to different thriving industries such as aerospace, IT, and manufacturing. The economic growth of the region and favorable business environment and sectors make it an attractive destination for job seekers. It is one of the best places that offers so many job opportunities in Poland.

It is a home for many international companies which are constantly developing and exploring the labor market. In order to meet the requirements regarding new employment trends, UITM adjusts its educational offer. Thanks to close collaboration with key players in Aviation Valley our graduates gain a set of skills and unique knowledge that allow them to obtain a competitive advantage in the labor market.

Aviation valley:  A hub for aviation- perfect place for Aviation Management Graduates

What makes Podkarpackie standout within the different regions in Poland is the aviation valley which is a unique aerospace cluster of companies that has gained international recognition.  Aviation Valley has been established in 2003 and is composed of over 160 companies specializing in aviation and aerospace technologies.. Companies within Aviation Valley frequently seek professionals in engineering, manufacturing, and technical roles, as well as individuals with expertise in administration, finance, marketing, human resources, IT, and logistics. This diverse employment landscape makes Aviation Valley an attractive destination for job seekers from various professional backgrounds, ensuring that the region continues to grow and innovate across multiple industries.

Highlights of aviation valley:

Innovation and Research:  The many companies that accompany aviation valley emphasize cutting edge research and development as well contribute to technological advancements and breakthroughs in the aerospace industry.

Global Collaborations: Companies within aviation valley partner with international aerospace giant’s providing employees with global exposure to different cultures and experience in an international business sector.

Career Growth:  Companies within the aviation valley focus on continuous innovation and growth within employees which results in opportunities for career growth and skill development and trying different departments within companies.

Why choose Podkarpacie?

Diverse and wholesome opportunities: From aviation to IT the region offers diverse job opportunities across different sectors.

Supportive environment:  The local government and industry bodies provide financial support for professional development and innovation.

Quality of life: Podkarpacie boasts a high quality of life with a balance of different amenities and natural beauty making it an ideal place to live and work. As well it is not as expensive as other major Polish cities.

As previously mentioned, the region where UITM is located offers endless opportunities. Moreover, the university’s Career Service makes job searching much easier. Additionally, students are not required to speak Polish, which is a significant advantage. Given UITM’s strong ties with the business community, it is an ideal place for ambitious individuals seeking quality education, career prospects, and a bright future.