The regenerative medicine market’s demand for highly specialized biomedical personnel.

Regenerative medicine is a young interdisciplinary branch of biomedical sciences.

This discipline use modern technologies, such as stem cells and platelet-rich plasma to restore the proper structure and function of a tissue or organ.

Professor Szychowski, UITM lecturer for Biomedical Sciences predicts growing demand for specialized biomedical personel capable of conducting research at the highest scientific level – “According to literature data, currently musculoskeletal diseases constitute a burden of approximately USD 900 billion for the American health care system, while degenerative joint diseases cost approximately USD 373 billion and the costs are increasing due to an aging population. This is one of the reasons why currently regenerative therapies, including cellular, genetic engineering, cell and gene therapies, are mainly targeted at this type of diseases”

Choosing the studies in the field of Biomedical Sciences at UITM is choosing the pathway to medical mastery where discovery meets healing.

Currently, 40% of all clinical trials in regenerative medicine focus on cancer therapy or improving the quality of life after cancer procedures. Another group (12%) are cardiovascular diseases, which, together with cancer, are the main cause of death in Western European societies.

The biomedical industry is currently a dynamically developing branch of the economy of many wealthy countries. These countries are struggling with the problems of aging societies, which is why most regenerative medicine treatments focus on the treatment of old age diseases, such as neurodegenerative diseases, cardiovascular diseases, and degenerative joint diseases.

Professor Szychowski continues – “Year by year, there is a systematic increase in the value of the regenerative medicine market and an increase in earnings within the earnings of the biomedical sector. For this reason, there is a constant need to look for highly qualified biomedical personnel.”

Biomedical Sciences is the study that lasts three years and at University of Information Technology and Management in Rzeszow the language of instruction is English therefore the most interest it creates is amongst international students from Zimabawe, India and many other countries.

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