On 11th and 12th October 2018 our University has welcomed new Erasmus+ incoming students for the winter semester.

It is already our UITM tradition to organise Erasmus+ Welcome Days, which are greatly enjoyed and appreciated by the incoming students.

During this semester’s event, participants had a chance to meet Ms Lidia Lejko, the UITM Erasmus+ Coordinator, learn about the UITM and its procedures, visit campuses in Rzeszow and Kielnarowa, and attended dinner. On the following day, the students took part in the official Opening of the 2018/2019 academic year and the matriculation ceremony, followed by the a lecture on academic ethics and integrity delivered specifically to them by Ms Sylwia K. Mazur from the Institute for Research on Civilisations.

The group of incoming students totals to 21; they will spend at least one semester at UITM, as part of our academic community. They will attend regular classes and have an opportunity to socialize and take part in all events organised by UITM. They will also learn some basics of Polish language in a course designed for them.

If you consider applying for the Erasmus+ programme, bear in mind  that the recruitment starts on 1st November!