STUDENT: Aigerim Zhaiymbet, Kazakhstan

In summer 2019 I obtained my second Erasmus internship in Greece, in a beautiful island of Crete. Same as last year I worked in a 5-star resort as a Guest Relations trainee. I had an amazing team of four, including my manager. During the internship, I met thousands of guests and experienced hundreds of different cases which I learned a lot from, both professionally and personally. Starting from a guest pretending that his AirPods “were stolen” by one of the housekeepers, following with waiters who mixed up gluten-free and lactose-free lunches for children whose lives depend on their diet – you sooner or later learn how to deal with pressure and people’s, sometimes inappropriate, behaviour.

Erasmus Story UITM

Apart from my exciting job, I made wonderful friends with people from all over the world, some of them I have known since last year. I am sure I met the soulmates – I can slightly mention that I want to go bungee-jumping, and we all jump from a 65 meters crane the next day. 

These whole summer-long adventures would not be possible if there wasn’t such a mind-blowingly wonderful thing like Erasmus. All people who dare to get out of their comfort zone get rewarded sooner or later. Erasmus is an excellent example of this.