Financial Internet Quarterly is an English-language scientific journal published by the Institute for Financial Research and Analysis on UITM.

The scope of journal include corporate finance, public finance, insurance, banking, accounting, capital markets and legal aspects of financial management present by international group of scientists.

The Editorial Board of Financial Internet Quarterly (FIQ) published by the University of Information Technology and Management in Rzeszow, Poland, is proud to present you the latest issue of a journal – Volume 17 no. 1 available HERE.

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The new issue of Financial Internet Quarterly 2021, vol. 17 / no. 1 consists of articles on topics related to, i.a.:

– usury, its historical past and attempts to define the concept of “usury” on the basis of jurisprudence, as well as the possibility of eliminating this phenomenon;

–  the impact of fiscal transfers on the economic development of regions;

– the relationship between digital finance and the green finance (environmental) and social finance, where digital finance “offers individuals and corporations a seamless, efficient and hassle-free funding channel for social projects that benefit society and green projects lead to a sustainable environment”;

– the Dieselgate scandal and its impact on the required rate of return on capital investments in VW, Daimler and BMW;

– e-learning satisfaction determinants as assessed by Palestinian scientists;

– application of predictive methods that play a key role in the analysis of financial data sets;

– supporting the decision-making system in the enterprise through the use of statistical models.

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