The first session in the Cultural Meeting series is behind us!

The University of Information Technology and Management in Rzeszów has launched a new series of events dedicated for students.

UITM is an university with a large number of foreign students. We are glad that our academic community is so diversified. Therefore, monthly Cultural Meetings will allow us to discover the beauty of all the countries our students come from.

Our first Cultural Meeting was an event organized by the International Student Support Office. Representatives of ISSO- Dmytro Shcherbak, Mariia Kravets and Milena Skiba, have made every effort to make this meeting unforgettable. At the first meeting which opened a new series of events at our university we had the pleasure to learn about the culture, traditions and history of two selected countries. On the stage we hosted a representative of Georgia, our ambassador with an unconventional sense of humor, Archil. As a representative of Kenya we welcomed on a stage our energetic and always positive Christine.

The event took place in the IQ Club. Our invited students had a chance to take part in many interesting activities. The meeting began with the presentation of two countries. Archil taught us the Georgian alphabet and a few Georgian words which were not so easy to pronounce. While Christine taught us her traditional dance moves. Later, the participants took part in the quiz, where ISSO team checked their knowledge about presented countries. We congratulate the winners. At the end, the students finally had time to integrate as they lack the opportunity to meet their classmates because of the hybrid learning mode.

We are glad that so many students were interested in our event. We sincerely thank all those involved in helping and organizing the event. What is more, many thanks to our two ambassadors who shared their culture with us. We would also like to mention that anyone who would like to get involved in the events organized at the university should contact ISSO.

UITM has students from over 50 countries, so we are glad that we can get to know them better. We encourage you to check out photos from the event and follow our social media in order not to miss future Cultural Meetings. Do not forget that you may find us on Facebook and also on the Instagram.