On November 16, 2019 at the Centre for International Education in Kielnarowa in KM8 at 9:30, we are hosting a Graduation ceremony for the students of our bachelor’s program, followed by the graduation ceremony of students of our master’s program, which is scheduled for 13:30. For those students who graduated with commendable grades, the University and College Authorities have prepared diplomas and congratulation letters.

Moreover, the OHIO band, the winner of last year’s edition of the international competition ‘UITM has got Talent’, whose song entitled “Wind” was on the Podkarpackie Hit List of Polish Radio Rzeszów, will perform live during the ceremony.

Photographs will be taken after the ceremony and every one present will be able to enjoy celebratory champagne and treat themselves with specially prepared delicacies for this joyous occasion.

We also invite family and friends of this year’s graduates to participate.

The condition of receiving a diploma at the UITM during solemn GRADUATION is:

  • Obtaining a positive grade at the diploma exam
  • Registration of participation in Graduation via the online form www.wsiz.rzeszow.pl/graduacja2019 – until October 31 of this year
  • Collecting copies of the diploma together with the diploma supplement at the Dean’s Office – 5th of November, 2019. (Individuals who do not settle accounts at the Dean’s Office are also encouraged to participate in the Graduation – then they will receive a congratulatory letter from the University Leadership)
  • Students who received the original diploma from the Dean’s Office before the Graduation, and want to participate in the Graduation, please provide the diploma to room RA 205 by the 5th of November, 2019. (ul. Sucharskiego 2, second floor; tel. 17 866 12 54/17 866 14 01).

Taking the opportunity, we would also like to invite this year’s graduates of UITM to join the UITM graduate club. To obtain this status, all you have to do is register yourself on the graduate portal www.absolwent.wsiz.pl. Membership in the UITM graduate club is free and guarantees many opportunities for personal and professional development, including specialized training, discounts for UITM postgraduate studies, meetings with employers, access to the job offers a database of the UITM Careers Office. Membership in the Alumni Club will allow us to maintain mutual contact and keep you informed about important events organized by our University, with a view of our graduates of UITM.