The Grand Prix prize is awarded to international trio: Yaryna Kysil, Zhanbolat Bekmukhambet, Michał Fornal (organization of the group’s full-length concert in IQ Club with additional promotion, media support and multi-camera record and GAR DAR – that is the pot filled with gifts from viewers such as cigarette maker, mint wipes, nail polish, mascara, tram ticket from Lviv, trolley wheel from Tesco, Orlen loyalty card, 5 hryvnias, 6 zlotys 23 groszs, elephant sticker etc).

I award – Krzysztof Demidowski (production of music videos by TV Studio UITM/INTRO TV).
Honourable mention – Andżelina Drozd (invitation to IQ Club concerts).
The audience award – STYCHIJNE band.